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2004-05-18 03:57:00

I was lucky Massachusetts was in my spell checker as I would have never spelled this state correctly, so I have to resort to abbreviations like MA or Mass. But nonetheless I am here at my house. I went to high school with him and he was the 2nd in the class or somewhere too smart for me, and I was 52 in a class of 119 or something like that. I know I was not at the top of the grade pole, although I was not really at the bottom of the brain pole.

So coming to meet my friend Gary that is doing extremely well with his wife and three children is a treat, he is doing way beyond the average American in prosperity. We are both Indiana farm kids at heart and communication is easy between us as are value systems are the same.


The bus 20 hour bus trip was easy for sleeping and time, as time went by very fast. I slept for the first 10 hours straight on the bus. I was able to lay down and straddle across two seats and was very comfortable, but upon finally arriving in Boston I discovered.


Plus when I had checked in my bag it weighed some 61 pounds and this person behind the desk starts screaming that I will have to pay 25 dollars for the bag. I ask,

“Can I take things out, and put in another bag?”

He says,


And I take one of my backpack organizers out of the bag and tie it ups very secure, then he tags two bags and he is sort of happy although he makes fun of me saying that he had waited on 10 people while I did this.

I still do not have my bag as it will arrive today or one day late, so maybe this will be a good story or a real bad story, as I do not know yet if my bag will accompany me all the way, I think it will catch up.

Racism seems rampant in the greyhound system as the I appear to have the wrong color skin and they treat me very badly, I am amazed that greyhound will allow this racism to happen. I would say it is just a one time thing, but I have rode the Greyhound bus system from all parts of the country and for sure the driver and staff do not like the color of my skin.

“I am white.”

It is quite annoying and obvious that Greyhound needs some racial instruction classes for its staff.

I really could care less if someone likes me, but the USA is known for service and what make me really sad is that foreigners coming to our country see all the mean and fat people inside the Greyhound system and it is easier to stereotype the country as being like Greyhound.

But Greyhound is cheap enough at 69 dollars with 7 day advance purchase ticket and I am OK with the price, but not the service. I long for the underdeveloped countries buses, where they have curtains, movies, and staff that treats me the same as Greyhound. There must be a some world code that make bus drivers crazy.

I am now in a 500,000 plus Dollar house and connected to the internet through some wireless system, although I have not figured out which one? I have free internet use, but cannot tell you why. This neighborhood has 3 connections that I can see on my computer.


I talked the other day that I got a free antenna for my wireless from Cantenna.com, well it arrived, I am still missing a PMCIA card and will go buy one today in Framingham, Ma at CompUSA so I can use it. I suppose after I hook up my antenna for my computer I will be able to get 10 connections in the neighborhood.

Now, I hope my bag catches up with me.

This has only happened twice in 7 years. Once last year leaving the USA to fly to Turkey and now by Greyhound.com. The USA seems to have an idea that all is ok as long as you do not ask too many question.

I was lucky to find a really nice man that like the color of my skin in Albany that helped me at the Greyhound station. I hope the bag arrives in Framingham today. It is about 15 mile from here so not too much of an inconvenience.

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