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2004-05-22 05:21:00

Published from the front steps of my Hostel by wireless Hotspot.... hehehe

Cool and nice here in London, but looking forward now to going to Genoa, Italy tomorrow. Peter did not buy the car or seal the deal with cash and life is sort of too confusing for him as his father is very sick. Time in my opinion for him to take one of them breaks from the idea of I go to do something or I am not ok. Time to float times in life when life is too busy or too demanding and probably not the best time to go roaming around the planet with Hoboes.

But I will go look for a cheap beach in Italy, and seriously hope the weather takes one of them hot turns and gets me on the beaches of Italy with good heat. The weather is touch and go and I have no real clear path to Italian beaches, and am just hoping the Mediterranean there has some passable beaches, I have no reports from travelers that tells me there is acceptable beach life there, but just am hoping really and with a 35 Dollar USA plane ticket to Italy I can pay the fare to find out.


I am not sure what WIFI stands for, but it means…

Wireless Connection between computer and also in many ways the wireless connections to the internet. It does NOT go though brick building.

It cannot jump over buildings.

I am in a Hostel.

It appears to be line-of-sight connections.

1. I can point it out the window and not find the connection.

2. I can go into the basement kitchen on the other side or street side and not find a connection.

3. I can walk out of the front door and BING0. I have a connection.

I have no idea where the computer is located with the connection.

I think the Kensington sniffer could find the connection. I could rent a room on the street side and point at the connection. If it had a flat roof I could easily go on top and connect.

The manager of the Barmy Badger Hostel here at the Earls Court Tube stop area said,

“Is not that a little naughty?”

I said,


He means is it not bad or maybe even stealing to use the connections of a person that does not know or allow me to use their wireless connection. I sort of think if they are smart enough to buy the wireless networking they probably know that people can connect and say,

“Hmmm, it really does not matter, and I hope the others leave theirs open when I need a connection.”

Share the connections and there is world connectivity.

So bottom line.

“I will save about 5 Dollars US on paying the internet café today.