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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-05-29 02:13:00

I am in Seitingen Germany.

A small rural village and would be extremely difficult to visit by train or bus, so I am lucky my friend came and picked me up from the train.


Europe is good...

Living with a friend.

Probably driving by Van and living in the Van when no rooms.

Renting a room for one month.

There is some idea that being a tourist and taking the train is convenient.

I totally think the trains suck, they just drop you off.

I suppose for the tourist that only goes to one place. Has a 100 dollar a night reservation for every day of the trip it is good, but for me that does not wish to trust a hostel for a reservation, and is not 20 years old, this type of travel is for the birds.

I listen to so much advice that is just ridiculous from writers that say just do this and do that but in the end they are saying I must plan every day of my life. That is not a vacation that is work.

I have spent over 6 months of my life in Europe. I do know a lot about Europe, it is not like it is my first time here, but so far only living with friends has worked.

If I could find and apartment for 300 Euros per month in place I would be happy, but most people try to make you believe you have to pay 1000 Euros or something silly, this is the www world of scams, or ways to get an extreme amount of money. I am absolutely positive you can live in any country in Europe for less than 300 Euros per month in a room of some house.

But Life is good, and where I am staying is just like Indiana with bigger hills. The culture is so close to my own that I almost do not notice the difference. But of course they speak a different language and have different houses, but for the most part this is so normal for me that I get beyond these issues.