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2004-05-27 04:18:00

I left the flat a.k.a apartment yesterday to walk to the market to by these soft pretzel like breads that I ate before in Sabines flat. But as I started to walk I realized the whole city was like a new addition in the USA where there is nothing square or straight and all the street would curve with the lay of the land, I suspect this has been this way since the beginning of time and as people just plopped homes down the road evolved where there was a natural path. So on the first attempt I walked straight as possible and walked back straight as possible so I would not get lost, this is a normal technique and especially important because I forgot to put her home address in my pocket.


Made it to the grocery but forgot my umbrella and there is looming rain this whole day and dreary, but nonetheless I made it to the store and purchased some eggs and mueslix. The both seem pretty cheap, especially the mueslis, but the eggs cost 2 Euros for 10 Eggs. I think this is comparable to the USA, but I am not sure as I have not lived in the USA for seven years, and things are hazy.


I suppose that people think they are good purchasers and get good deals, but I would disagree and say that people buy what they want or have temptation and what is convenient.

By the way I did not buy the little pretzel breads as they cost about 60 cents US per Pretzel and that is not a good value, but opted for the good value foods. Most every country has foods that are downright cheap or at least you get a lot for your money, and if you can forego the temptations and eat the foods that are good value you will fare better. But travelers tell me they travel to eat, and this is probably true. I personally travel to look at people and wander why, but do test the local foods when possible without being forced to eat the food and maybe they can tell me what I am eating, to say the least I am not the normal garbage disposal eating traveler.

Life is good here in Germany and this area probably lives better than the normal American, but there are some living quirks, like they only have these super small garages, and the number of room in a house I less, but most home have very solid clay brick with covering of cement or some plaster like material and all the windows are double insulated vacuum window, with another metal like rolled up covering that will come down to make it into a fortress safe from everything. The homes here are beautiful, this flat has 3 apartments inside the building so there is a tri-plex in the midst of a normal neighborhood, and she had to buy the kitchen cabinets, that would make person stay longer.


I am bouncing off of Europe and cannot afford to continue to make these huge financial mistakes, and it is just too stressful. It would not be stressful if I paid 70 U.S. per day, but on my 25 dollar budget it just does not work. I will go to Thailand and continue on my journey toward Cambodia and Vietnam, etc. I leave now on the seventh of June for Bangkok.

I sometime think everyone wants me to see things at all cost, and that includes my sanity, in truth I could almost care less about looking at countries unless it is slow and easy, if I have to get a reservation every stop I will not do the trip, and that appear to be the case. I am going to keep up my push to buy cars in Europe and stay for one month in each country.


He wants to be the next Sadaam. I feel that the Clerics are evil people. Germany has CNN international and CNBC in English.

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