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2004-05-04 03:14:00

Americans are very naive when it comes to world cultures, I am not saying the president is naive.

The world respect power and strength.

This is why I can travel with no problems, because I travel representing power, strength, honesty.

I am not always liked but I am trusted. I would say the Middle East is confident that if President Bush says he is coming after them, than they had better make some changes. Libya, Iran, Korea, Syria and Palestine are behaving a lot better than before.


US diplomats launch Bush attack

Former diplomats criticize White House support for Israel's Ariel Sharon, saying it loses Washington friends.

It anyone thinks that leadership is about making friends, then they know nothing about leadership.

I have learned sadly that in any situation of leadership I have attained in my life I had 1/2 the people hating me, and 1/2 the people liking me, and this changed each week because the next week I would make a decision that offend one side of the 1/2 and they would change sides. Of course they were always working from self internet and not the best for everyone.

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