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2004-05-24 03:41:00

Instead of looking hard for a train and just leaving, I am trying to smell the city and look around here to see if there is somewhere. I took a Tram number 18 that was advertised in the Train Station everywhere to Westbahnhof. I suppose I should know what that is or where it is or why I am coming to thie Westbahnhof, but if there is an internet café here there is probably some backpackers around. I purchased a ticket of the tram or think I purchased a ticket of the tram in the train station, but ended up the driver just looked at me like I was crazy, so with that attitude I sit down and did not pay, but he could not be bothered anyway, so I guess it does not matter.

I can say that the whole city seems to have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this sunny happy morning in Vienna. It is beautiful, cool, a small breeze and perfect for a long walk. But the vibes are terrible and unless someone walks up to me with an offer or I stumble on a reason to stay here I will leave very soon.

I am hoping to find a plug soon for my computer as the battery is getting low, I will go look for an internet café.

I made the wrong choice on what looked like a crunchy crusted loaf of wheat bread, it is some soft versions of something mixed with old onions or maybe bad cheese. I ate it anyway as the cost of everything is triple the price of the USA.

OH YEA - WHERE TO GO? Monday Morning - May 24

I will probably go toward Prague to find a true escape from Europe, as it looks like I am bouncing off of this place again. I really need to arrange room for a month before I come and not after being here. Better to spend the time looking for a room as sitting around wadding up money and throwing it into the fire for warmth.


It just figured it out, there is an allure to being lost and in strange place, sort of a romantic notion that being free is to be with no clue, sort of a Bob Marley Smoke a Joint, sing about revolution in the middle of Paradise.

There are lots of travelers around at least enough with guidebooks in hand, maps, schedule and they seem completely lost, but out to see the world and to say they was there and did that.


I could just read a lot about the place and not do it… hehehe.

As for me I think I need to be in a place at least 5 days before I was there, and done that, otherwise I am just a sniffer traveler. I sniff at things and do not travel.


To my friend Chris, that Kensington WIFI sniffer works I think, but unless you are getting 2 Green lights there is no way to access, I suppose it helps, but in the end it not a good purchase because it can say you have signal and there is no signal you can access. I suppose it is helpful, but is not a true test until I hook up the computer and try to find a wireless network.


The is a more of a bong to people and almost impossible to carry with me. I put it in my water bottle holder and it is dangling on the outside of the front-pack looking like a steel bong. (Pipe to smoke pot and cooled by water.)

It does work and help, but need to be collapsible to carry or something that expands and retracts. I am going to fine a rubber ball or a couple of tennis ball to carry inside so that it will not smash. It is a great idea and works, but needs some serious refinements and updates to of real great use for this Hobo. I will put rubber balls in it and wrap it inside the Backpack Organizer, but what good is it, when I really need to use it in coffee shops, and need to be in my front pack. This thing is huge, but I can do some modifications and maybe get it to work. I need to study the whys of how it works though because I am not sure how the metal works or why there is certain distance. But this one is fragile. I will write the company and give them an update, I think I will make it into a Bong just to wind them up also, it would could be a Bong in minutes.


I suppose I have saved on a room and that is good, especially when you have no real desire to stop and look around. I ended up in some Chique Cities or something Southeast of Genoa, Italy about 4 hours. What a meandering and deranged amount of mis-adventures.

This started because I ask 2 sets of girls on the plane for a good beach. They all recommended the this Chique Terre place and as best I can tell there is no beach, maybe some big rocks next to the water and for sure some sailboats, but it that is what they call a beach than they will really be excited by a real beach.

But let me state… I prefaced this,

“I want a small town with NO tourist.”

They sent me to tourist hell….aagh.

This is some newly discovered famous because it is beautiful and people can and walk around place. I do admit it was absolutely wonderful atmosphere if Spock would please beam up all the German and what-not tourist roaming around. The all blame them as being USA, but they just look like Americans, I did not meet only a few.

I met 3 young college girls and they had arrived the night before and because it was impossible to find a room they walked around all night and stay out in the bar until the sun rose. I am sure there parents know what they are doing and realize they are safe. This is not safe way of traveling, all countries have crazy people and especially crazy when it comes to young drunk college girls, sort of soft targets.

SO>>> being it was impossible to find a room in this Chique Terre place I got back on the train and went to I think a place called La Speice, Italy, where I worked out a ticket for Trieste close to Slovenia, so I could hop into the country of Slovenia. BUT….?


I tried very very hard to find someone to help me, but on the train and in the train station all the offices were close, and there was not even people idle standing around looking silly, just nobody to snag and ask questions. I was on the right train, but I did not get off a Venice as I was hoping and I guess the not-so-helpful conductor or basically never to be seen conductor thought I said Vienna, as it was going that way, he clipped my ticket so he should have known, but straggler travelers probably are not a priority. The Italian people are quite pleasant and helpful, but speak English worst than the Thai people, so if you know how bad that is than you know the rest.

They do not speak English, but I do speak Spanish and do understand them fortunately, but they do not understand me.

I am not sure what strategy to use now, I am just not up to fighting and walking ten kilometers to get a way overpriced tourist room. I can abuse myself enough without the help of others.


I got off the train and walked to the entrance of the train station.

Stood around and looked stupid, waited about five minutes for someone to come up and try to escort me to a Hostel. I think the guidebooks are probably worthless and only if you have a reservation would there be a room, so you must more or less hope there is a new wanna be overprice and low value Hostel on the market.

These cities are quite beautiful and the people are great, but paying 20 Dollars or 30 Dollars in London for a room with 6 beds is self-abuse, especially when I can travel 80 percent of the room as a wanderer. I was in real estate in a past life before my reincarnation as traveler and I can tell you the ROI - Return on Investment for a Hostel in Europe is through the ceiling and free enterprise is not working, or there would be some good rooms available.


I have no clear plan for Italy, it is my first trip here and I am sure I can either enjoy it or bounce off the place. Most of Europe is better on a tour package so you can hold the price down, I suppose if I was only out for 2 weeks I would for sure get a cheap tour package with a target of 100 Dollars U.S. per day, but being I am a traveler with my current budget target of 25. U.S. per day, I have to work a lot harder.

I am going to enter… ooops (I am on the airplane typing this, I forgot to set up the situation.)

I am going to enter Genoa, Italy early in the day and go slow and try to keep the pace to an observatory level and not a reactionary level. I find that if I just go slow, do nothing and wander or wonder a lot, I can keep the miscellaneous cost down, but when I hurry my miscellaneous cost triple. There is always a good solution, but it must have time to arise and you cannot force the play.

My guidebook from my last trip is four years old and the money is in Lira or the former currency of Italy. The Euro is the current now of Italy as it is part of the European Union, so this is good and bad. The money is standard and easy, but there was some real leaps or inflationary things that happened as country jumped to raise prices in the transition period.

I am debating whether I should just jump on a bus and go for the beach today or wander into Genoa and find a room for a couple of days. I am thinking I probably should not go to the beach even though the girls seem to think that is a good idea, I have learned a long time ago that when people recommend a place, they do not normally recommend cheap places to tourist, but rather places that make their country look good, and cheap to me is different than cheap to the normal tourist.

But the Italian people feel good and seem so far quick to smile and engage in conversation, while the English are proper and do help, but they tend to stay in a “I cannot be bothered mode,” or give me the blank, while the Italians seem to smile, but I am not in the country and this is just the start of Italian life for me. I am lucky that my Fluency in Spanish should help me to communicate.


I had seat number 12 on the plane, but now I am sitting with two beautiful Italian girls because they told me I could sit anywhere so of course I sat where it was better. I do not understand and do not appreciate having to chase down a seat but in this instance I was the winner.

I am normally lucky with my choices, or make good decisions that lead me to have a better life, and the decision to take the beating from and leave England was probably the best choice, there has been three girls now that have been telling me about beaches near Genoa that would be nice and they say it is still slow, but the weather should be good for the beach. I am not sure, but this looks like relief from the city-like-it-enjoy-to-pay attitude. I do like London in many ways, but one time was enough, and I have had my life of London, so the second entrance was over the grace period of tolerance.




Ticket 5 Pounds

Extra Cost: 106 Pounds.

I got pounded!

I would almost have to say that flying on is a NO way, they just have too much fine print. I flew with the exact same baggage with Virgin Atlantic from Boston to England with ZERO extra cost, but PLASTERED me. They got me on weight for large bag and small bag, I almost could not take my carry on because of their onerous rules.

I went up to the check-in and proceeded to get abused by the pasty face long cheeked English girl, I really do feel sorry for the British boys, but nonetheless I then had to go pay and the same pays long cheek witches. I decided to return to London Central and go see Peter when I took a long look at the check-in girl and the ticket woman and decided.


The lady went with all the excuses or reasons and said that all the discounts did this and I said,

“I took easy just last year, and they did not.”

She said,

“Oh yea they have a 20 Kilo limit, we have a 15.”

The Industry standard is like 21 kilos and 5 kilo grace.

Carry-ons are basically ignored for weight, but got me on every single technical way they could ask for money, and did not even smile when they [email protected]#$#@ me.