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2004-05-26 04:06:00

I am safe and sound which probably never was my question, but is an Americanism that says I have arrived to my destination.

I am with my friend Sabine I met in Esmeralda, Ecuador she is a great friend and has taken my stress level from 8 to 2 in very short order. Life is good or much better than total confusion. I guess getting on a train for Venice, Italy and ending up in Vienna, Austria was not helpful. But between jet-lag, crazy languages, and other miscellaneous variables have made some mis-adventures.

I am now in a wonderful apartment of flat as she says with a view of rolling mountain, and small country church in the background.


(Close to Stuttgart Germany)

BEGGARS WITH BODY PARTS - Vienna Austria Train Station

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I not give to beggars normally unless they are extremely old, or missing body parts. In the Vienna Train station there are tons of people begging with all their parts. Really not a good place for them to allow begging to occur.


In the past all my computers had them Nichol Cadiam batteries which were worthless, with the invent of the Lithium Battery I can use my computer everywhere, but now I am searching all the time for a place to plug in.

Found two strange places.

Toilet on the train.

While I showered in the Vienna train station I charged my batter with the plug available for shaving.

Note: Also filled up my bottle with water and that saved me 1.35 Euros. Learning to drink cold coffee. It is hard to believe how much the world will deny people access to small things, like a drink of water, toilet, electricity, or other things. I think the world could easily be cleaner if there was a UN resolution and strong protocol that all countries must provide toilets free for the public. I suppose this would increase in some ways begging and the Homosexuals would have more hangouts, but generally there is a need for services like this or the world used the place behind the building, that old style type.

I FEEL BETTER - Vienna, Austria

Showered and ready, as things are changing by the hour, I have decided to go to see my friend Sabine in Germany for a couple of days. I am negotiating a month in Nice, France close to the beach, this would be very perfect. The French are helping! Yea! I have French Friends, ooh that sounds un-American, but I have lots of French Friend, oh I have lots of Friends in all countries just a few countries I try to avoid.


There is a shower for 3 Euros in the Westbahnhof Train station here in Vienna, Austria. That is reasonable and affordable for a traveler in Europe, but I have no idea how many station or buss stops have these facilities.

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