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Where you go now? Tuk Tuk Driver question... 6:30 AM Bangkok Thailand

2004-04-16 18:04:00


I walk down a street in Bangkok or more properly called Krung Thep as is really the name of the city, but in the western arrogance it is still called, but in the greed of Thailand they sell.

Where do I go ask the Tuk Tuk Driver, form the seat of 3 wheel motorcycle Taxi that cost more than the air conditioned metered taxis, but would or should be cheaper, but not much as it seems, and the many layers have come off the facade of Bangkok for me over the last few times I have stopped in to see the center of the Backpacker Universe.

The drunks are going home, a few wet and ridden hard young Thai girls are sitting on the curb still surrounded by young and old men who are clueless on where to go or what to do with these women, and are more into the debauchery than the conquest, but still they sit, and it obvious they are lost. I am quite chipper in the morning and am in an all night internet cafe that has a reception person that does not speak English but will wake up long enough to help me access the internet on her junk computer.

The smell of beer, sewer (Normal) and left over people is here. The day is having the normal fight between day people and night people as the night people give up and the day people take over. A few cleaning people will clear the path of beer bottles, cans, water bottle and humans, They will sweep the streets until the night people feel a compulsion to leave as clean is not safe for them.

Where do I go, I guess I go where day people go, toward the light and having a good day. I will leave Bangkok in 2 days and sometime get this ironic feeling there is a method to the madness of the question. But life is what it is and no more really and no less really.

I received a donation from a man that I gave business advice 2 years ago about the internet. He is making 3000 U.S. Dollars per month with a few websites and he is appreciates my advice. It is nice that I could help a person to support themselves or to learn. I wish he would have more of a light world and less of a dark world, but he runs his own world.

I am looking forward to flying from Boston to Europe in a few weeks and wonder where I will land?

I told the taxi driver.

"Bye Tio" which means in Thai. I wander around, he shook his head, and I said,

"I walk around"

Does not matter what I said, I could have said,

"Go screw yourself,"

He does not care he just wants me to talk and engage him with a conversation so he can try to to get me to use his Tuk Tuk.

Funny though in the Thai language they would say the same same...

"Bye Nie Krap" Where you go?

Aagh a girl just walked in, and I looked, then I realized...aagh. It is a Lady Boy.

I hate when that happens. Ugly feeling.

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