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2004-04-25 03:03:00

It is interesting to watch the USA culture around me and to remember that I am at essence part of this culture or better stated a product of this culture. I have noticed a few things.

People do talk a lot and loud.

People have very curious eyes and look around.

There are Amish people and buggies around Orland.

Acne is on a lot of young people.

The color of the skins of people is pale and not full of color in my home city. But this is an inordinately old city as most of the young people have moved to the bigger cities, although the new trend is to return. Orland has about 450 people.

Life is very very safe in the USA.

I stopped at Walmart and realized what a windfall stores are for this country. The cost of living is so cheap, although people buy lots and lots of things. I can buy lots of things in Walmart that are cheaper than any of the underdeveloped countries I have visited.

There is so much food in the USA. The cheese is some of the best in the world, meat is so easy to have, and cleanliness is easy.

I am amazed at the number of Trailers or Mobile Homes in the USA and wish they were replaced with the world standard of concrete houses.

I went to the ground breaking of a new Volunteer Fire Department here in Orland and was invigorated with the high level priority situations in Orland as most people do not have to fight to survive and spend lots of time just gabbing away in the coffee shops, and helping to have a new fire department is high on their list of things to do with their lives. There is a really great rescue or ambulance department that is saves lot of lives.

In Thailand over the Thai New Year there were about 450 people that died in one weekend in car accidents. That statistic is appalling for a country or state.

I am driving a car and this is strange, sometimes very scary as it goes so fast and the roads are empty, so there is a natural tendency to go very fast. We drive on the right side of the road and people obey signals and stop signs. I was driving through the Walmart parking lot and a husband, wife and two children slowly walked across in front of my car path. This made me very happy as they knew or felt secure that I would stop for them.

This is a great thing of the USA and a lot of Europe countries as that Pedestrians have value.

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