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2004-04-16 02:12:00

I meet a lot of faceless people in Thailand, and this some days is difficult. I was walking from the Sawasdee Welcome Guesthouse to the Peachy to use the internet and along the road walk a boy maybe 22, maybe 23 he is locking down, around and up and sideways, but when I get close he give me a nod hello. It is obvious he comes from a place like Indiana where we feel a responsibility to be friendly to other people, especially when encountering a person or face on a deserted alley. I am grateful I came from a place where I have a face and a name and the people I meet have a face and name.

I went to the Hewlett Packard or Compaq place to report my computer as being broken, and I guess I get tired of pushing people to be or do their jobs. In the end the man or manager after they said no about 20 times did help me and did a good job, but I am sad that I had to over ride his no 20 times to get a yes, and service. I do not think he is unusual he just did not want to have a face until I forced him to be human and have a face, but I feel sad to know that I can be so forceful to a person I do not know, and that I have to be this way.

But on the other hand the older lady at the Peachy that runs the internet cafe recognizes me now, and I have a face, and she smiles. She is maybe 60 years old and her and her husband treat me great, as they see me as a regular. A person with a face, and I cannot understand why people have no face?