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2004-04-03 06:33:00


I had in the photos of my last newsletter a picture of bedbugs.


I was in room 320 of the Sawadee Inn for 6 days and lived with them.

I told the girl EH at the reception,

"I do not want BEDBUGS!"

Well, I was in room 119 and guess what, that room has bedbugs.

All hotels can and could have bedbugs. They get carried in luggage, and backpacks and all sorts of ways. I said I was not going to say which hotel, but after the extreme hassle I had in moving room, and asking just as a hope measure to have some insecticide spray I am telling on them. The have 2 wings and they moved me to the other wing, and they seem to know about the problem.

I had to stand at the desk for 20 minutes while I kept saying BEDBUG! Then they brought me some spray finally after they say,

"Cannot" for 20 minutes. Sawasdee is a big chain, they have about 10 hotels around Thailand and they have a motto,

"A service of mind."

So go figure, do you think the Thai people would say something to look good or to sell something?


I have been trying to figure out how to write a solution for bedbugs for the last year or two, I will get busy and try to work this out. I do think I have come up with a solution of using a mosquito net. The problem is inside the net and the bed. I will set up my newly HAMPI, India redesigned mosquito net and see if it works.

All the solutions I am reading say to put outside in the COLD... Tropical folks.

I went to the store today to buy some spray. I cannot read the Thail labels to see if they kill bedbugs. It is not my problem, the hotel should take care of these situations.

I wrote a tip about boiling water for washing clothes for this reason. In the tropics they alway or almost always wash clothes in cold water.


I have a bucket and hot water cookers to sanitize my clothes. I know you people think you live in 5 star hotel to avoid this, BULL! This is not a solution, just hopeful.


Links for me to research...


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