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2004-04-01 02:18:00

Hi Andy,

Ants hate pepper. Ground pepper & the fresher the better. It interrupts

their scent trails, so they back out and leave. What I do is sprinkle it

down where they are entering the room and then go about mopping them up with

a wet paper towel or tissue, then throwing that outside or flushing them

byebye (taking them swimming). They don't re-enter the room, but for a few

stragglers staggering around confused by the black pepper and by the next

day they are gone too...and if any remain I physically evict them. How's

that for "Ahimsa"? I have no experience with fungus powder, but I can't

help but think there is some human toxicity blood level building up there,

especially on your head.

Since you are in the land of hot food you might try something like Tobasco

sauce at their entrance points. If all else fails, there is ant poison in

small containers made to lay at the baseboards that will send them on to

their next life on the karmic wheel of transmigration (the Wheel of

Transmigration always goes forward, never backward). At least you don't

have Army Ants that will carry off your bed (and with you in it). Jeje.

- Chris

I think anticide or some form of genocide is needed.

The problem is I cannot even see these ants.

I need to kill them all first before the pepper.

The huts in Thailand have about 3000 holes to enter... or more.

So how do you block them. I must coat my body somehow.

I got a special mosquito net, and I am thinking I will kill them inside.

They get on my head and cruise around. They drive me crazy.

The are so little.

I agree with the toxic thing. I will not adhere to any "Ahimsa" doctrine.

The die.. Army Ants

I use to have that domain, until it got nabbed.