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2004-04-09 01:48:00

I think I have just claimed independence day from my Laptop!

I purchased 2 Flash Memory Thumb or USB Slot Memory chips that becomes an Extra Drive or an E Drive on my computer. Cost as 500 Baht each or about 13 Dollars U.S.

I am going save all my new work on the chip, then back up the information on the hard drive, walk into an Internet Caf้ and publish all the information. If my computer crashes, then who cares, because I can still continue to work and all the information is backed up both on the Internet and on my laptop hard drive. The critical information is on the Flash memory USB drive.

This is a perfect world for me, but I think crazy for the average person in a way. Most people want to back up a half a Gig of Photos or Music or crazy stuff, or run a program like Eudora or Outlook or things like that. I have 3 program I use and each are less than 2 Megs. I use FrontPage a lot, but the new pages never exceed more than about 10 megs in a week, but I have small photos.

I can run my email program, FTP, Save all my new WebPages on the card ready to publish. I am positive I can walk into an internet cafe put this plug and play thumb drive in the computer and I can publish my information in minutes or as fast as I would have on my own computer. There is NO reason to connect with my computer except for virus updates, and for windows updates. I may be able to update Macafee, I am pretty sure without connecting, I am not sure about Norton.

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