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2004-04-11 23:02:00


I paid 600 Baht or 15 Dollars USA for bus to Angkor Wat or city of Siem Reap. Very easy to get a hotel for 4 or 5 dollars per night.

We got ripped on the exchange of dollars and Baht at the border. I recommend you carry dollars into Cambodia as most things are price in dollars and they seem to like dollars. There are NO ATM or Bank Machine in Siem Reap, but there is suppose to be ATM machines in Phom Phen Cambodia.

I believe the cost to get a Cambodia Visa at the Border is 1000 Baht. So you really can just get on a bus and go to Cambodia with a visa. Lots of people got the visa the border, but probably better to get in Bangkok. I did for 950 Baht, with a 2 day wait.

Internet is good, and all is simple, have only had women offered time in the first day... hehehe

I would say that Sex Tourism is alive and thriving in Cambodia.

Siem Reap is full of 5 Star Hotels.

Motorcycle taxis cost about 3000 Riel, or about 75 Cent U.S.

4000 Riel Equals one dollar U.S.

This is a Full ON tourist city. Very high end in most ways so far, and on the I look like a Dollar sign mentality. Dollars is king.

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