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2004-04-12 21:46:00

I just returned form Angkor Wat.

One of the best Moat and Walled cities I have ever seen. The actual archeology site is ok, but the layout of the city for defensive purposes is extreme. They must have slaves or someone working for 100's of years to dig this Moat. It must be 50 Meters wide minimum, and the wall is just inside the Moat. The actual buildings inside to me were not so spectacular for the age of 1400 years more or less old, but the strategic of how they built the place was great. Tikal in Guatemala still makes this seem like a minor place, in my opinion. This is similar to Hampi in India in age and construction, but Hampi is a lot smaller maybe, but the local area of Hampi India a lot more beautiful. The Siem Reap River that fed the city here is not so wonderful and the site is basically on a flat piece of ground area and it appear the surrounding is flat in comparison to Hampi or Tikal. Machu Picchu is very very beautiful from a nature point of view but the levels of accomplishment by human work was minimal compared to Tikal. I really need to see Egypt. Very old.