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2004-04-20 21:48:00

I thought I had it bad in Internet Cafes in Underdeveloped countries. My parents computer is connected to one of the slowest connections in the world. Unbelievable. Their computer is very new and an oversized monster with too much of everything. I have cleaned it up with dick cleanup and other ways, and the Verizon Internet Connection must be trying to induce them to pay for a fast connection. This is terrible.


I took my computer into Hewlett Packard the new owners of Compaq in Bangkok Thailand for service work. Wrote their online service 20 times and then am trying to submit to Compaq my computer for service work, they keep connecting to these India Support workers that cannot understand or relate with issue of "Time." I am after my warranty in the telephone calls, but I registered before I came home.

The India people were quite embarrassed when I recognized their accents and then started to talk about their country. They like that I knew their country, but to know their language problems was hard for them. They actually put me on the permanent hold then lose the connection process 5 times.

PLEASE do not worry about India taking over the Computer world, they are just better than normal English speakers that can work for 5 dollars a day. This is pure money making for Compaq and most companies.

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