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2004-03-29 22:03:00

I watched the Fox News Channel here in Thailand yesterday, being that it is only one of three channels in English and the others are basically about nothing, it is my only real choice. What is strange though is that I watched the channel for about six hours or more yesterday while in the hotel room and the advertisements were almost exclusively about raising money for “Save the Planet” organizations or maybe just NGO - Non Governmental Organizations that suck cash from people.

The Fox Channel seems to have the USA format and they even say good morning to the viewers although it is night here, so it must be the same Fox Channel as the people are watching in the USA, but now way to know. What is weird or ironic is that I noticed that 90 percent of the advertisements were for one of these three organizations:

Save Mother Earth and other such noise.

Commercial about Bears that have bile being harvested in China

Save the water, because we are water Planet.

The other 10 percent was on some travel-booking engine Website about booking Hotel room in Thailand. The booking webpage made me believe these were


I would think that advertising on Fox New in Asia would be one of the most expensive ways to advertise in Thailand or Asia. So when the whole advertising market is filled up with .ORG websites or “Save the Planet,” make the people feel guilty advertisement so they donate money this is a concern. There is so much corruption in the NGO and “Save the Planet” sector of the world that it is hard to believe they raise money in this fashion. It is like an attorney promoting themselves by advertisement on Television; it always has the ring of not being proper.


I also noticed when I am on my page here in Thailand that the have the same “Save the Planet” advertisers in the Google Adsense Ads.

For instance go to pages on Laos…. Look at the Google Ads at the side. They may be for TOURS in the USA or Europe or wherever you live. They serve up the ads that make the most money according to WHERE you are in the world, but here in Thailand they are a lot of non-profit sites popping up.

The concern I have with these ads is that NGO are not monitored in the world. Anyone can start and NGO in the world with no problem.

For instance in India there is some 60,000 plus NGO’s. Now tell me that is a little on the too much to be real side.

I like to know how WebPages make money, and I am constantly watching the methodology, and some of the ways they make money is just too shifty or dodgy. Hehehe… I can start and NGO to stop NGO’s from being dodgy. (JOKE)


Tonight I am planning to visit a market with my friend Gai. We asked where it was yesterday and now we can go there tonight before they close after she gets out of her seminar. I think they sell CD players and things like that. Had Yai is a very good city to purchase supplies and small items that you may need for your backpack. I am buying or restocking here with all sorts of small things like duct tape, copies of keys, a mirror and other strange things that I want or need.

I have a mirror that I have been carrying by putting directly on top of my computer, and it being flat protects it, but now it is all scratched and hard to use. I am going to buy another one and tape up the back very flat with duct tape to protect the mirror backing.


I want to have some words typed in the Thai Language so I added the fonts of language to my computer. I can now change the fonts to Thai characters when I want to, and a person from Thailand can type words into my computer. I really do not like to do this, because the computer is not a perfect device and especially with languages it will get confused, so I was very reluctant to do this, but in the end I want to type in differently language like Thai, Hebrew, and Chinese. I will only do the Chinese when absolutely necessary and then maybe on the computer in the Internet Café.

Strange as it may seem, I have had a dirty computer screen for almost three months. There was a very persistent and dirty spot on the screen. Yesterday I purchased some rubbing alcohol to clean the screen. I am always amazed at the cost of rubbing alcohol, in the USA a huge bottle of rubbing alcohol cost less than a dollar, but in other countries of the world it cost one dollar for a very small bottle. Since I am in a not-so-touristy city the cost of the larger bottle is one dollar or 50 Baht and half the price of the tourist places. I used this to clean my screen.

I have a direct connection here in Had Yai with my computer just around the corner from the Cathay Guesthouse. Go toward the train station from the Cathay Guesthouse and turn left and there is the Internet Café.