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2004-03-23 20:39:00

I am going to Had Yai on about the 29th of March to meet a friend. I was in the city for 1 night or something like that a year ago to stage a visa run to Malaysia, but I will be there for a few day soon.

I have no idea what to look at in Had Yai, but it is suppose to be a very clean city, and is a more or less normal city in Thailand if that is possible in a compared to the world sense.

I heard some gossip that Vietnam has outlawed or somehow stopped Karaoke bars. This is an Asian place for people to meet, select, and rent a prostitute so now what will the Karaoke singers do?

I have no idea if this is true, but it would make sense. I have been getting the feeling that Vietnam is trying to come a bigger player in the tourism world, but they must be careful or they will become the next sex-tourism country like Thailand, Cuba, or maybe the city of Rio.

I do pay attention good, so do not pay attention much to my opinions on this trade.

BELGIUM - Gossip - Wants to steal business from Amsterdam.
I heard some gossip a couple of years ago that Belgium was going to legalize smoking marijuana so they could get the business from Amsterdam on the druggie business, or at least try to. What a way to make a living for a city? How stupid.

There is a pair of pants called,
Fisherman Pants.・

They are sort of a easy to put on, one size fits all cotton slip on pants that are good for fishing I suppose or for the beach. The travelers of Thailand and India have adopted these pants as a typical hippie travel pants and have changed the design.

There is this basic standard very wide design that I think is authentic or typical. I purchased a couple of pair last time in Thailand. The are perfect for lounging around in the hut or around the Hostels.

But・This year I needed a new pair and they are shorting the material. They used to be very wide and now they make them just big enough to go around you, and this is terrible, they do not fit. I am not saying that all of the pants are this way now, but the ones I purchased are this way. It is sad, because these are probably culturally actually Thailand or Asian pants and now they are changing or making them worse to earn more money. This is normal under-developed nation mentality of giving less service than is needed and not more than needed. It is huge problem with doing business. I saw the same pants in India and laughed, but then all the pants in India are too small, they do not appear to make any of them correct.

But I suppose I will have to go now to place where there are no foreigners and buy the pants. What a shame that something good and typical changes for the worse.

It is similar to the Thai Massage. I am not sure there is really a Thai Massage or typical Thai Massage when you dilute it by having every girl that has hands doing a massage, plus half are just a front for the extras they wish to sell.

Wednesday morning 3:30 AM

I guess I could not sleep or more correctly I thought it was time to wake up and just got up and started my day, then I looked at my alarm clock and realized it was very early. But I was already up, drinking coffee, and typing on my computer, so why not just keep at it?

I have a one-room bungalow, hut, or various other names for this type of building in the world. There is a fan and three window that fold open or swing open. The place has a large built in bed, mosquito net and a small table. This is more rustic than a lot of them, but still is basic and good standard living in Thailand. I have a porch on the front with a built in bench chair, a hammock, and a clothes line. This room of my has everything but the shower and toilet for 150 Baht per night or about 3.50 U.S. I could have the toilet for 50 Baht more or for another dollar per night. I am so accustomed to the shared or common toilet I almost do not think about the other choice.

What does seem silly here in Thailand is the number of 2 men or 2 women that share a bungalow. This place is just too small for 2 people that are not in love. I would never share this type of room to save money, but it half the price for 2 people because they do not rate the price by the number or people.

Here is a photo from Koh Tao, but is the same, but on the side of a hil and not on level ground.

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