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2004-03-12 20:38:00

I have lot of photos of Gurs, or the tents that they Mongolian people use for homes here so I am prepared for one more story on Mongolia and off to Thailand for the beach.

I will go visit Cambodia and Vietnam, and maybe got to Singapore and Indonesia. I am not sure. I am still trying to get to Eastern Europe in the spring.


Saturday March 13, 2004

There was a couple that came back from the Gur or Tents of the Mongolians yesterday. People go and live in the tents with the Mongolians to experience the life and ride the ponies or horses. Well this couple, one Brit boy with an Iceland girl went with a girl that was from Mongolia that was a friend to visit the Gurs.

I the end they paid double for the price of the ponies and the one guy got caught with their money, or traveler checks in his possession.


I am living in the Nassan Guesthouse. It is good, but the UB is probably better because they have movies and lockers, and even thought the Nassan says they have movies, they do not.

But there was this guy hanging around from Mongolia in the guesthouse while Nassan’s husband went to the Gurs for a few days. I did not think about it, because I thought he was working for the lady the owner called Nassan.

He is a good guy, but hang around, and wants people to buy him drinks. He went to the market with us, and helped a lot to translate and buy things. He was an ok guy.

Well, he comes in the other afternoon while I am lying in my dorm bed trying to take a nap. He sits down and smelling of alcohol tells me that he love Nassan, and that the problems with Nassan is because her husband. I could care less about the local drunks drinking and having affairs.

But then in comes Nassan with her husband, and he actually hits this guy and more or less they get in a fight. They finally leave, and Nassan hollers at me,

“There are rules against having guest inside.”

I have no idea how he got in, but I am 90 percent sure that Nassan the owner let him in, and when he husband came back she changed her story and blame us.

There is a real physical or violent nature to the Mongolian society and this makes life interesting. I do think that people traveling alone or going to the Gurs should take great care.

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