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2004-03-30 20:44:00

I have been working on my website a lot and not really going outside as much as normal, but than again I am in an room that is cool, color TV, and very comfortable. I do like air conditioning, but it does sort of make a person want to stay inside and do less, I am not sure this is good as I am working more and spending less time playing at being a tourist. I am not really a very good tourist. Tourist are suppose to like to look at beautiful Temples and such, I like to look at strange things.

I have spent the last 15 minutes trying to photographs some micro-Ants, I do not know how to describe these Ants, but Thailand has some Ants that are about the size of the top of a needle.

I really do need a special camera to take photos of Micro-Ants, or a zooms lens that magnifies. I do not think I captured any good photos that give a good perspective of the size of these extremely small Ants.

These little Ants drive me crazy. They crawl around on my body and get in my hair. The are so small they are almost impossible to kill. I can only hope that an extremely hot shower washes them away or the anti-fungus soap I now use regularly drive them crazy. I have fungus powder that I know they do not like. I will put some in my hari also.


Dear Andy,

I want to buy that money belt/pocket combo but

is not formulated to allow a foreign address to be entered!

I'm in Thailand, any suggestions?





Thank you for the what’s up or notification of glitches in the system.

I am not happy with the "MONEY BELT" situation or belt I am selling.

In fact I am going to stop selling it as a money belt.

The secret pockets are good.

I really do not want to sell you the money belt combination.

I am going to remove or separate them out and sell them as just "Fanny Belts." or hip belts or whatever they should be called. They can be worn inside or outside.

I am not happy at all with the "money belt world." The more I study the Money Belt and how people use them, the more I am sure that these money belts help people to lose money and not protect money. I am about to come out with an opinion that money belts should not be used. Fanny belts are dangerous also, but according to the country.

Any bag a person carries can be nabbed. But money belts have a special problem:

They are uncomfortable and because people can remove them....

"The remove them."

So what happens is they sit down in a restaurant. Then the feel the uncomfortable money belt in their pants. It is hot or sticky and they take the money belt out of their pants and put it on the table or in their bag.

NOW - The money belt becomes a liability and not an asset.

People see them do this and they steal the belt or grab it.

But probably more likely is they leave it on the table and walk out.

I know of a girl in La Paz, Bolivia that this happened to and she was quite distressed with herself. I am sure that way too many travelers or tourist have their money belts stolen or lost.

The secret pockets are so much better because you cannot remove them. It removes the temptation. I suppose secret pockets sown in a persons pant are sort of a pain for a 2-week tourist, but not for a 6-month traveler.

There are so many people that get robbed it is ridiculous. People do not advertise...

"I was robbed."

It is like saving face, they do not want to admit they were stupid or they lost the money belt. I would say about 75 percent of the "robbed" were really, "I forgot it" and not "I was robbed."

I am the absent-minded professor. I am sure that I would leave any bag if I do not have it tied to me. I have this little red bag I carry now that I can clip to my belt loop when I am sitting down in a restaurant or more likely the Internet cafe. It has funky items like a book to read, my floppy disk, or other miscellaneous things.

So because I cannot remember what I am doing, I must not have a money belt that I can remove. The one time I was robbed in 7 years was because I took off my neck money pouch and put in the top of my bag. I now do not use the neck pouch. I use it by putting in a special pocket of my travel pants.

I wrote a tip on the travel pants. They are the military ones that I modified.

But for the solution to your pockets you want to buy.

Send me your address. I am in Thailand and I will send you a bunch for Free.

Oops. solution.

I will try to see if I can make sure there is a “Comments” area includes in the payment. has some real problems, and it is made for people that have only one address. The really do not address the people that live all over the world or the expatriates.

There are so many glitches in selling a product worldwide that I cannot count that high. I have learned a lot of them, and will soon add more and more products I design to sell, in fact that is one reason I am going to Vietnam to see about some backpacks.

I will think about the problem and see if I can come up with a system that is very easy for people. I hate to ask them to fill out a separate form that sends me their present address.

Andy in Had Yai