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2004-03-25 21:13:00

We was having a Visa Run talk yesterday and it was quite enlightening to me that people refuse to spend time in other places. There were two people that want to get their Visas renewed. One woman had just returned from Ranong, Thailand or crossing the border into Burma / Myanmar.

I have crossed the border at Ranong a couple of times. It is an easy border crossing for the most part.

What happens here in Koh Pha Ngan is that people pay 1700 Baht to go for a quick run to Burma. But really it is a very slow run. They spend the night on the all night boat to Surat Thani and then wait for until sunrise or the bus arrives. The fat lady took a small van as arranged to the local bus and they went to Ranong. They then went by Songtau or Truck Taxi to the Fish Pier, crossed by small boat and they returned. It was not that simple, but that is more or less.

I did basically the same on time, but・

Ranong is maybe 6 hours away:

1. I took the morning boat to Surat Thani.

2. Stayed the night in Surat Thani

3. Took a little Van for 150 the next morning to Ranong.

4. Got a Room for 100-150 in the Spring Guest House.

5. Crossed the border one time at the Casino, and crossed another time just down the road from the Spring Guesthouse at the Fish Pier.

6. Went and visited the great Agro-tourism, beach, scuba diving, and a more or less German colony island of Koh Chang.

7. Took the small bus back to Surat Thani.


I cannot understand why people avoid staying in cities like Surat Thani or Ranong. The fat lady did everything in her power to avoid this, and in the end was telling me I did not understand the Thai Culture, but I can guarantee I just stop in all the small cities if possible, and stays. That is a must if you want to learn the 途eal・culture of a country.

The other guy is trying or going to take a bus all the way to Panang or Georgetown Malaysia to stay on a beach he knows, then come back. It is cheap from here because there is package for 550 Baht. Even though it is closer to go to Ranong, the cost is about the same. I do not know about the return cost.

But in the end, they both are spending a lot of time avoiding the normal cities of Thailand.

I am going to Had Yai this week and I have already spent a couple of night there, I do not really think the city is interesting, but nonetheless, I may find something this time that I did not find the time before. Going back to a city is no big deal, just another place to hang my hat for the night. I am meeting a friend there that is going to a medical convention.


I am going to bed too early. I am waking up way to early.

There are lots of people coming home from the bars and they wake me, not that I am sleeping very sound, but the sounds are sufficient to wake me or more correctly make me think it is morning and time to wake up, by the time I check the time I do not feel like going back to bed.