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2004-03-16 22:21:00


It is Wednesday morning and I have been shaking and burning around in Bangkok, restocking, buying, and organizing to go to the beach and also for Cambodia, Vietnam, and possible Manila, Philippines, I suppose it would be better to fly to the Philippines and then to Vietnam, and come by land across Cambodia back to Thailand to fly to either Europe or who knows where.

I am talking to Mr. Joe my friend in Southeast Travels and tours trying to find the best options. The Vietnam and Cambodia Visa takes a few days so I can apply and then come back to Bangkok to pick them up.

I am sure I want to go to the beach, and Bangkok is quickly becoming the big, noisy, and full of traveler city it is for me. I can feel it surrounding me, and making me feel like a small town boy in the big city. This is often my stress and disarranged feeling because I am out of sort in a city and feel better in the small places of life.

The smell of Bangkok is funny. There is a methane gas smell along the streets because the storm sewers are mixed with the wrong sanitary sewer stuff and is ripe. I am not sure if most travelers smell this, but there is a definite ripe smell in the background of smells when you get close enough. There are these square cement blocks with ventilation holes that block up the storm sewers, but also allow them to evaporate and smell.

I am staying in the Sawasdee INN. It cost me 180 Baht per night and is not the cheapest, but very safe and has a color TV down in the common area. It is just at the end of Khao San road and behind the temple hidden. There are about 12 Sawasdee Hotel in Thailand and they have purple signs, but they are confusing. This is the INN one.

I would probably stay in the Peachy if the noise in the television area were quieter. The Peachy is where I book bus tickets for places in Thailand.

I met with a man from or a Thailand Booking site last night. He makes money with his webpage and is one of the few. I am working with him on a project and maybe he will help with a Web cam I am trying to put up on Khao San Road. We are going to Panthip or a the cheapie Computer Mall store here in Bangkok today, it is full of everything cheap and the stuff we are not suppose to buy.

He knows lots of ways for me to make money to travel. So life is very good. I think I learned more in one night of discussions then I have in the last year on how to make money on my page. He has a very good booking or reservation page for Thailand Hotels.



I arrived in Thailand. I suppose it is debatable a little what is the date, because I am getting to pay for the 14th because I arrived at 1:00 AM in the morning on the 15, but they did not want to let me enter without paying for the 14th.

I paid 12000 Mongolian Turig or 11 Dollars U.S. Airport tax to leave Ulan Batar, Mongolia. The person at the desk said I needed to pay for a transit visa to enter China for the layover. They fortunately allowed me to get on the plane and when I arrive in China there was no problem or I would have had to pay another 30-40 U.S. Dollars just to fly through China. I am very happy to get out of this ridiculous fee pay zone of Russia, and China.

My large bag weighed in at about 23 kilos again for the trip from Ulan Batar, Mongolia to Bangkok, Thailand. My small bag is probably around 13 kilos.


It took from 8:05 am to 8:40 am to be completely packed and read to leave or 35 minutes. The problems I always have is that I do not put away things and I also still have a lot of little things that do not really have a place.

Problem areas are the shower and books.

I am going to make a bigger shower bag when I got to Thailand and a cotton book holder. I am almost to the point where if I was a person that put away things I could pack in less than 10 minutes with zero hurry and able to unpack my bag completely in 2 minutes.

I am wanting the goal of being able to hang up all my stuff in a Hostel in 2 minutes and have all the gear available easily. One of the greatest reasons I do not move more is that I hate to pack, if the packing was extremely quick than I would move from location to location quicker.


It is about 7:00 am and I have been playing, working, or typing on my computer and arranging pages for the last few hours already this morning. I am leaving by plane for Thailand this morning or really at 12:30 pm and this is going to occupy my whole day and night. I will get into Thailand just after midnight and this is going to kill the day.

But I am very happy to think of beaches.

It takes about ½ hour for me to pack, but I always seem to allot about two hours and than when I have extra time there is no problems. I am always amazed at the people that have no room for error system of packing. This to me right now would be a 370 Dollars U.S. gamble. People will miss their planes and go look at tourist attractions right up to the minute the leave or hang around in places and then suddenly realize they have to leave.

I will start packing now at 7:00 am and get ready. Then I will be packed for the 5000 Mongolian money or Turig trip I will take to the Airport. I think I can get it for 3000, but the owner of the Nassan is much more dependable than me trying to explain “Airport” to a Mongolian person.

So the day is a wash, and better to work on reading that is easily fit in to extra time then to believe that I would miss something in Mongolia if I did not go and look at it. I have realized that it is not important if I miss something and the day is more important, and 370 Dollars is one months worth of living and I do not want to miss the plane.

Life is good, and then you have confusion. The confusion is the stress caused by making a choice that is not needed to make. The more I say no, the less the confusion.