ALERT - MONK MAKES MOVE -Tour group girl returning to Katmandu.

About half the members of the tour group returned to Katmandu from Lhasa and did not go forward into China. The one befriend a Monk and he tried to Kiss her and other...

This is true and hilarious.

The excerpt from her group e-mail: She writes and speaks bad English.

..i met a munsk ...he wanted

to stay in my bedroom ....he tried to kiss me a the end it was really

funny but really stressfull at the beginning ...he was really nice during the

afternoon ..isa met him and she agrees he was nice too ....but i didnt

expected a munsk in my bed the same night ....

I predict in the future the stories we will hear and learn about Monks will make them stories of Catholic Priest in the USA seem minimal. There are a lot of boys living in big cold rooms around the world, with a few older men...

Reality is hilarious and sad sometimes.

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