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2004-02-12 21:04:00

I am sure lots of people think I think too much about work, but I am also thinking about Mount Everest. I really am not much on wanting to walk around with the majority of trekkers that want to walk around smoking a joint and looking at the colors. But I like a good challenge, and that it a different thing.

There are lots of people that climb to the base camp of Mount Everest. Let me go see what the Encyclopedia has to say, hmmm?

SAYS, (1)

Sanskrit (Nepali) Sagarmatha, Tibetan Chomolungma, Chinese (Wade-Giles) Chu-mu-lang-ma Feng, (Pinyin) Zhumulangma Feng, also spelled Qomolangma Feng

mountain on the crest of the Great Himalayas in Asia, lying on the border between Nepal and China (Tibet), at 27° 59´ N, 86° 56´ E. It is the highest point on Earth.

Go figure, it is the Highest point on the planet. No wonder it is a big deal, ooops. I suppose I am supposed to already know that, but I was not aware of that fact, but than again I probably did not care that much which Mountain is the highest. I probably would be interested in which ones are the most difficult. Climbing mountains sound fun, but also a very big commitment, and I am a beach boy and not an Eskimo boy and that just sound freezing. Note that the only person here that is complaining about the cold is I, and lots of people are walking around in T-shirt. I think they are crazy but to each their own.

Back to the plot, maybe scheme is better word…. Hehehe.

I am so much happier in Nepal than in India!

February 10, 2004 Kathmandu or maybe Katmandu, Nepal


I have connected now about 3 times inside and Internet Cafe, but on this occasion when I connected and plugged my computer into a walk socket every time my finger slipped from the mouse touch pad to the metal parts I would get a mild, but very annoying electrical shock.

I really could care less about the shock, but I do not like this type of current running through my computer.

I checked:

1. The cord was not in water. I took the cord and strung it across wood desk.

2. The desk was wood.

3. The desk had only a monitor on it, that was plugged in and all of plastic and such.

4. I had rubber Reeboks on and lots of clothes.

OF course as is normal the staff did not believe me and told me I was not being shocked. I had to physically put their hands on the computer to prove it to them, and they the still were sort of denying it was shocking me. Sort of the head in the sand ostrich problem. They wanted me to change plugs, and I said,

"This is the same electrical line."

They did not understand. They had a conduit running along the concrete wall and they wanted me to change to just the next one down the line.

I suppose someone will say,

"The Electrical wire was grounded."

I suppose I know that, but how? I do not understand even if there is a ground problem how it jumped from the cord to the case of the computer? I will sit in a different location tomorrow when I use the computer inside the Internet cafe.

I typed that information into the computer page that is my log of computer problems I have had. Note that I have had three times this amount of problems, but these are probably the biggies.

Why? I do this posting in the blog and the log for a reason to hopefully find a solution. I often have readers tell me the solutions and then I can post them for the world to “have the solution also” That to me is the essential value of the Internet. Interaction between the reader and the author and the ability for no great cost to update and improve an existing document.

In the hard copy word of newspapers, magazines, and books and such an update is either never done, or done every year or for the most part never. But on a webpage I can do them pretty quick… Maybe when I am not overwhelmed, but eventually.

If I was making more money I could have help in this type of crap or stuff, or things or just this monotonous adding to the pages. Actually this is not monotonous, it is the small fixing of grammar and the making-the-page pretty stuff that is monotonous.


Henry David Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi are definitely on my mind lately. I think how they simplified their lives and this is to me the essence of what the “Rage Against the Machine” people really want. They want a life where the machine does not rule their lives, but the stupid part is they choose to allow the machine to run their lives and it is not the machine that runs their lives.

I could see how in the more class orientated countries you could say the Rich control the poor like here in Nepal and especially in India, but not in the USA or the Eastern countries of Europe. The fact that a person can travel the world is proof that the machine is not ruling their lives. The countries that can travel are not ruled by the machine and the ones that have trouble traveling are ruled by the machine… maybe?

But the “Granola for Lunch Bunch” need to grow up and realize what they really do not like to do is work. I do not like to work either, but I also find that I get up daily at around 5:00 am to work till 8:00 or 9:00 am. I have a feeling if I really calculated or summed up all the time I worked on my computer and webpage, or walked around taking photos daily I am really working about 50 hours a week. But I do not emphasize this because it does not feel like work and I am definitely not controlled by the work, but I am scared of not having money.

I also do not talk about work because I be Hobo! Not in the mental thought process to say a Hobo be working. I hope the grammar checker picks up the “I be Hobo” phrase. I will check. Yes it did, it want to say, “I am Hobo.”

I am having 50 shirts embroidered with the word on the bottom “ was Here X.” But on the top I am trying to think of a slogan to place on the top. I thought for a while of putting, “All I ever wanted to do is go to Kathmandu.” The lyric from Bob Seger or maybe just make it “I’m Going to Kathmandu.”

I will leave Katmandu and the immediacy of the phrase or the selling value will decrease. I want to sell the shirts in this lifetime and not the next lifetime so I am probably going to put at the top.

“I be Hobo,”

Or maybe,


Or maybe,


So at the top would be one of them phrases and on the bottom is another phrase of the “ was here X.” The my little Hobo in the middle.


I am excited to see what happens today. I have been in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia when they was protesting or striking and it is fun to watch. Sort of a comedy of sorts for me because I am not sure why they are ever striking and the only ones that seem to get hurt are themselves. It does hurt the big businesses that need to keep their businesses running 24 hour a day, but the Mom and Pop types are OK. I suppose that is the point the poor are trying to hurt the rich, but they also hurt themselves. I do not know why they don’t just strike against the banks and the government office it would seem more effective and easier to do. I think this is always a good excuse to sit around and drink, plus it is a day off or vacation day.

Normally in South America when there is a strike all the business pull down their steel doors on the front of their businesses, and then you go an knock on the door and the allow you to enter. They are still open, but they are screening the persons that enter. It is normally the transportation that cannot move without people watching and everyone has to walk for the day.

Kathmandu appears to me a lot richer than the normal Peru, Bolivia, or Ecuador city. They have so many bicycles and motorbike here and in South America only Colombia, Brazil, and I guess Chile and Argentina have vehicles like this, but I cannot remember Argentina and Chile being that rich. They always appeared class-system rich or the rich had things and poor did not.


I have thought up a way that I can use my laptop on my lap in bed without breaking the cord. I am going to take 4 x 10 inch piece of flat Plexiglas and tape with duct tape across the bottom width of my computer. When I wish to place the laptop on my lap I will flip the Plexiglas back away from me. I think if it overhangs the back about 2 inches it will protect the computer cord very well.

Note: I had a big need for this so I used a CD Rom that had a plastic case for the flap and it is working perfect. I needed this because I want to lay in bed where it is warm and type and not freeze to death.

My room is about 54 degrees normally. I really only need to protect the USB and the Electrical Slot, not the whole length. I sit the computer on my lap with a lot of blankets or a pillow to prop it up. I really do not want this connection to break it takes a long time to get fixed and complicated to find a place that can repair it without spending hundreds of dollars. (Note for you anal people, everything is easy in life if you spend a lot of money, it becomes difficult to live simply but to have the same.)

I have been also carrying a flat piece of mirror on top of my computer for the last month. It has not broken yet, so this is good way to carry a mirror in your backpack.