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2004-02-06 21:12:00

Hi Andy - hope you found a sleeping bag or have some blankets, now that you are in the Himalayas. Even so, Weather Underground says your weather in Kathmandu, Nepal is better than mine in Idaho.

I wanted to pass on the US Embassy Travel Advisory for Nepal - note the date specific public transit advisory regarding the Maoist rebels, OK?

You've probably already seen this, but what the Hey, eh?

How's the coffee and how's the Internet access, btw? Shakira sends her love.

- Chris


First of all after India I am trying to not think about Shakira. I may go mad because India is bleak on women. Nepal is a lot better.

Internet access is kick ass! I am very happy. Broadband and the 3.5 drives work.

Coffees is actually better here also. The only coffee I could find in India was like a no-name brand. Here they have about 10

...Himalayas this and Himalayas that.

Better my Mom reads that advisor from me and not the neighbor.

But it is really comfortable here. I am living in a cave at a constant 54-58 degrees.

I am working on a room heater.

My shower system is almost perfected.

Jeff did not shower. I took a hot dip shower.

Thanks Chris

Andy in Ka Ka Ka Kathmandu, Nepal

I grew up with this song, so all the rest of you can suffer.

Note for the Anal.

Katmandu here is spelled Kathmandu

Stop it!