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2004-02-13 20:50:00

hey andy,

don here in gig harbor washington state.

your electricity thingie.... this is soooo common in third world,

maybe 2nd but for sure third. they run electricity through conduits

with basically lampcord when they hook it up to the outlet, they

don't make any effort to connect the black wire to the hot side of

the plug and the white/neutral to the neutral/ground side of the

plug. so... you the hot and neutral reversed. computers or just

about any appliance will ground the frame to the neutral line, so

that if the hot lead goes up the wire right to the ground side of the

frig or radio or lap top.... wah...laa... fun times.

i ran into this all the time in Ecuador where i took 3 years out of my

work life, shut down my construction biz and worked in villages and

such to do 'community development' and such.

anyway... that is how i found your site.... just on a lark to see what

was new on the web for ecuador and found your story as to your

travel from coca down the napo as i spent quite some time on the

napo but never did coca area directly.

anyway... have enjoyed your rants and such as it makes me laugh

and remember all the times when i would just about have it up to

my ears with the ridiculousness of different and various situations.

i miss my time there and all the little crazy places and little crazy

people here and there as it was a wild crazy adventure. i am not

sure i would have survived many more years of same so for that i

am glad to be back here and doing what i enjoy doing and carrying

on the best i can.... but the adventure and the absolute

unpredictabilty of each and every day and moment... oh i really,

really loved that. my most prized and used spanish word was

simply ''' interesante'' unfortunately, it is much harder to get

by all the situations here back in the usa with facing life's situations

with simply saying 'interesting'... but life truly is simply


though life stateside by contrast is amazingly boring in comparison,

though more predictable.

anyway... i loved your honesty in relating your frustration in your

taxi drive into nepal... as i laughed til i cried. keep it up.

and take care.