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2004-02-18 03:46:00


The tour group arrived in Tibet today and all is great. A perfect group of traveler.

3 French Girls

1 Spanish Girl

1 Brit

2 Germans that don't talk English.

Me and Jeff from the USA.

Contrary to popular opinion Americans and French do not get along, I can say

I am doing my best to mend all relationships....

La Vi Est Belle

I learned to say hello to the Tibet people.


We left Katmandu at about 6:30 am and arrived here around 4:30 pm and go a pre-arranged room just across the border. I am on tour, and this makes life good, or easier.

I am just across the border in the first town.

Zhang Mu

Do not count on my spelling to be good!

The trip was beautiful and reminded me of the trip from Quezatenago Guatemala into Chiapas, Mexico as we followed a river and adobe type huts along the road with corrugated steel roof, and even some had slate made from the local stone. The road was twisting and turning and I was a little too far back in the bus and was a little motion sick, but all in all the trip was great. On the Tibet side we will travel in 4-Wheel Drive.

It is really mountainous on the Nepal side before the border and almost every square meter is terrace or tiered for farming. I do not in the least believe that Nepal is the 2nd poorest country in the world. They many not have money, but they seem to have houses and food. The data and comparison are bad. Jeff agrees with me that the country is not that poor and there are a lot worse. I have no idea how a statistic can compare when they know nothing about the other countries. Economies of the world are more than money, and employment does not mean you pay taxes.

But now for Tibet and mountains. We climb to 5300 Meters tomorrow in the Jeep.

The delayed our trip one day because of the strike. The tour guide on this side wanted to shorten the tour from 5 to 4 days and double up on the trip tomorrow. Fortunately Jeff got extremely forceful and we now have our own trip. Nice to have some old American push and shove around when needed. I do the same and am more or less the same.

Dinner is at 6:30 with the group, so got to go.

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