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2004-02-01 23:51:00


I had a reader or person write and say to not give up on a country.

I find this interesting.

Is there a competition and is this why a lot of travelers are crazy in India.

Do they feel like they must try to be nice, or do they feel superior so they must be nice, sort of patronizing to make the world happy.

I travel for fun. India is the same as any country. If I have fun. I have fun, if I have think it is dirty, I say it is dirty. I do not understand this desire to save or help a country. A country is independent and it is not the job of the world to save or help, or not give up on them. I know for sure that no one cares whether the USA succeeds or does not succeed. I do, but the rest of the world wishes us misery on daily basis. But I could care less because I know the USA will do good with or without their help. The rest of the world is the same.

People that do not care do not even come to India.