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2004-01-10 03:42:00

I am in the Shanthi Hotel here in Hampi. They have a very good mirror situation and there is a mirror in my room. Next to the bathroom, up and down and everywhere a mirror should be in an organized world. Now the problem is that I got the world’s worst or maybe shortest haircut a week ago, so at every moment I am notified…

“Your hair is sticking straight up!”

I can go weeks on end normally without looking at myself because the world just does not see a need to put mirrors in Hotels so suddenly it would make my ego better to not have a mirror, I am in a situation where there are too many mirrors.

I suppose in 4 weeks the hair lengths will be long enough to lay down and not stand straight up. But the great part is I can probably go 6 months without a haircut and still look conservative.


I am going to a Yoga class today and am hoping this does not cross over into some religious meeting. I want to go to a stretching class and do not want to sit around some pseudo-intellectual, lets be mystical for the sake of getting laid situation. Play the bongos and call us special situation. This type of situation is boorish and to me being a brute. Yoga has its roots in what I would consider really noble and grand concepts, and it is hard for me to watch any noble situation be kidnapped and trampled or be used for inane cause. Nothing like a noble cause being used for petty desires.

But if this is a complex way of saying I am going to a stretching class I will be happy. I have studied the word enough to know that it means both. There is Yoga done for normal stretching and there is YOGA done for more or a Religious or Hindu reason.

I think the Yoga in little caps is supposed to be stretching, and the YOGA in big letters is the Hindu version. I am in a Hindu country so I am expecting we are doing Hindu version, but for the sake of the teacher making money we will be doing the not Hindu version in reality. I actually would rather learn the Hindu version in reality, but that would confuse people. The Hindu religion is hard to call a religion because they have an idea that to act with discipline is good, so anything that is acting with restraint and discipline is good. It is a sort of a fried potato version of religion, with a very passive form of zealots.

Here is the Encyclopedia Britannica definition of Yoga. Does that word “1 capitalized” mean what I think or am I misunderstanding?

Main Entry: yo£ga

Pronunciation: ‚y‹-g„

Function: noun

Etymology: Sanskrit, literally, yoking, from yunakti he yokes; akin to Latin jungere to join- more at yoke

Date: 1820

1 capitalized : a Hindu theistic philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind, and will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation

2 : a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being

-yo£gic -gik adjective, often capitalized


I was frustrated with myself yesterday and keep rehashing in my mind the pros and cons of an ugly part of humans. It is nice and easy to sit around at home and say we love people, races, or countries, and our homes separated from all the problems of the world this is easy to do, but when you are traveling the world you encounter really difficult people. There is an English couple that I have encountered twice now that seems to feel absolutely no remorse in saying bad comments in a very public fashion about the Israel people. The first time I was at the Mango restaurant with my new friend Aila from Israel and we were leaving when she left to go the toilet. The girl was asking where a restaurant that was the same, and separated from the Israelis was, or that was similar to the Mango restaurant was, and if the manager could recommend a place so they could get away from the Israel people. Now the girl that just left was from Israel, and this blond and I have to admit she is just a plain stupid naïve girl from England on vacation to drink so I should not be so sensitive about her. But I was leaving the Internet café yesterday and the same stupid girl was again making comments about Israel people very loudly and in an obnoxious manner that was totally without sensitivity to the fact that Israel people always surround us. I do not think she can tell them apart so she is really stupid. She is complaining about a people that she cannot tell from Europeans.

This is the second time in India though that I have been in the presence of an England person that has outrageously made comments about Israel people and there are lots and lots more of these examples, but not of the outrageous style.

The reason she did not like Israel people is because they are loud. Now to say I do not like people because they are loud to me is strange. I am annoyed with people that have no respect and are loud, but the Israel people naturally speak loud like the Brazilians, or Italians, or the Americans do sometimes. These are loud speaking cultures. I have been laughing also because the India people are a culture that argues in public, I have been around now numerous arguments and it is obvious they will argue and fight vigorously.


I can here myself thinking. I can here myself talking. Now the whole world cannot here me thinking, but I can! I say to myself daily.

“I want to avoid the English people.”

And I am presently leaving Hampi for this reason. The percentage of English people as increase to a majority here, and there is no balance of cultures anymore. All the party is over in Goa for the holidays and they have come to Hampi.


I am frustrated with myself for in reverse being or doing the same as the English girl. I spend time thinking and avoiding the English for what I consider extremely bad manners. So I am the same as the English girl in many ways, and do the exact same behavior. The main difference is I do it inside my head, or inside this blog, and not in the presence of a person in a violent and manipulative way.

I cannot change the world, and I can only change myself. Often when I get angry I find there is a reason for me to change myself, and not the other people.

People will say now that are reading this or would say to me when I comment on this,

“Andy you are intolerant.”

In British slang I should comment back,


Intolerant people go home and hide in the safety of their easy lives so they do not even have to handle the situation. They go to 5 star hotels to avoid the hassles of normal people. I am so tolerant of people it is ridiculous. But I am still human and sitting around a bunch of obnoxious noisy drunks or around a bunch of people pissing in the street is not my idea of fun.

I am trying to reconcile this frustration because it keeps growing in me that I am angry at some culture to no end. Normally the Brits and I am feeling like an abused child that wants to get some revenge. This is the crux of the matter, and there is no ways to get revenge, stop, or change or mutate this situation. It exists and I have to accept that it will happen again in my presence. I am sort of making up all the time my internal mental and moral policy on how I will deal with these types of situations. I can tell you that the Israel girl I am friend with is probably one of the most saintly girls I have met in 7 years of travel and if the fat England girl would have said that comment in front of her I would have tore in her with a storm. Now when you are complaining about a noisy Israel person, and the Israel person is really noisy. This is just a complaint. But to complain and make nasty comment to just be making nasty comments is mean.

This is the heart. There are some real mean people in the world. They want to be mean and hurt people. I on the other hand would like to slap them silly. I am get physically in the desire to remove these people from the earth that want to hurt innocent or abuse a defenseless person. Some people get really cruel with the beggars here and this is just not called for. I also get very annoyed with them, and their brutish and obnoxious behavior, but I do not try to abuse or hurt them. Sometime I do fight back in self-defense to the beggars. If you allowed them they would never stop. You must be willing to be firm. There is a huge difference between being firm and being mean. I see parents spank their children to be firm, and I have seen parents hit their children to be mean.

Trust me when it comes to the Israel people making noise, there is nobody firmer than me, I can tell them to go shut up faster than anyone. But what I like about them is they listen, but you do the same with Germans or English and they do not listen. They feel they have a right to be as they wish. There is a difference from talking loud normally and a person that talk loud because they believe they are superior.

All this stuff always comes down to the idea that one person thinks they are superior to the other. When one culture thinks their culture is superior to the other they express it or say it often.

Now I am no better than anyone else, and I can and do make comments that I know bridge on being racist. I suppose like in the book Gandhi he was talking about intentions, and weighing a person by their intentions, or more he weighed himself by his intentions. He broke a few vows in a round about way, and he realized though technically he did not break the vow, he did break the intention of the vow, so he really did break the vow.

He gave up milk, and then decides that goat milk was acceptable when he was really sick and needed nourishment. Because his mother made him vow to not drink cow milk.

Politically correctness is scourge and a weapon of the weak to hurt the powerful out of meanness. Words are weapons and can hurt people.

I am trying to work out a policy in my head on how to deal with the obnoxious people of the world and their idiosyncrasies.

I am not worried about this problem in the world because I am positive that anti-racism has won the battle and the world is moving slowly toward law such as the USA has to protect and stop this problem. Plus the Press of the world has taken up the banner and is persecuting and stopping guilty racist people. They will soon I hope go after the Muslim religion with a zest, because right not this religion is so violently opposed to the existence of anyone that is not a Muslim that they are out of control. To call a Jihad against non-believers is the ultimate act of outrageous racism. They people that support or tolerate a Jihad in any way are racist, and as best I can tell the whole Muslim religion is looking the other way and acting like they are not part of it. When I look the other way, I am saying to the person like the fat Brit girl that it is OK to make comments.

On the other hand I just told you and admitted that she is fat. I do not like fatness. I do not avoid saying that fatness or loudness or being a jerk is bad, and will label it that and say that. In the end I suppose I will just keep talking to myself until I reconcile a way to understand. But I try to do the right thing. That was one thing that to me seem dominant about Gandhi is not that he was in anyway perfect, but that he was constantly striving to find out how to do the right thing.

He was not just simply non-violent. He helped many a violent cause by being an ambulance driver in a couple of wars. He may not have shot them, but he helped the side he wanted to help to survive above the side of the other. So he was a conspirator to help them survive or win the war. Plus he was extremely mentally manipulative that is form of violence in so many ways. I think he was looking for a way to safely change the world with no one getting killed. I think he realized this was the ideal to strive for but the world is still in need of violence to protect the world, but he was trying to demonstrate the possible worlds of the future by his civil disobedience campaign.


The manager of my Hotel wanted to inform me that the price of Hotel as of January 1st went from 80 to 120 Rupees for the room. I told him it is not honest to tell me on the 9th of January that the price changed on the 1st. He got very nervous and is wiggling. I am saying he understands, and he is changing the rules in mid-stream. He knows I am right, and is really jumpy. I am pushing and having fun, and really do not care, but this is extremely common in poor countries. They do not think of problems until it is a big problem He says to me,

“You good man.”

I say,

“I know.”

I think proceed to say because I good man I do not allow him to cheat me. I split the difference in the end and will pay from the 5th of January on, and they are being normal underdeveloped mentality business world. Note that when anyone tells me that I am good man it is just before they try to cheat me, in this situation he is just a kid and is also a good man, but flaky and nervous type.

I told him I was staying a long time when I entered. I did not get a discount, and am paying the going rate. He just had a hard time believing that anyone would stay in Hampi more than 5 days. But then again the do nothing to make us pay the big money, and stay here as is normal in 95 percent of hotels. Seems the height of idiocy that hotels do not think about retaining people and not just how to get us in the hotel. Note a TV in a free common area will keep people in a Hotel.


I received some type of invitation to visit a tourist office of place in Vietnam yesterday in my email box. I would like to visit these types of offices, and it would be fun to hear their perspective on the world and how they read or view my newsletters and noise.

An Asian letter can be very confusing, as the language is very difficult for them, and often appears like spam. They do a lot of the same or use the same words as the spammers. I try to sort them out quickly and wish they would reference something specific, and not be so formal. I like when they say to Andy and, or something like,

“I can see that you are enjoying Hampi.”

That lets me know they are aware of who I am and not doing the blank form letter.

I usually will write in the subject line for clarity.

Subject: From Andy Hobo to Joe Blow


I am trying to leave, and am caught up in this maze of loose strings to pull in and tie up. Lots of little missions and deeds I wish to finish to leave. They hopefully will come together in the next few days. Unfortunately this makes is very difficult to go north in a leisurely manner and meet my friend Jeff near Nepal.


I was listening to a person in Palolem tell me that there was cow manure disinfector soap in the Ciarans camp for the travelers.

Yesterday Mono tells me that them mix up cow manure and spread on the ground to disinfect, and clean.


Or maybe better to say my stomach is not feeling good. I guess it feels ok; as long as I have the security of knowing the restroom is close. I learned very early in my travels that I should never walk too far from a good toilet, and that I should always be somewhat aware of where and how to use the facilities, and if I was not I could be in some really stupid situations. I was in Mexico to start, and the toilets of Mexico make the toilets of India look clean. There are so many similarities between Mexico and India that it is amazing. I wonder if it because of the size?

Not looking good for class of Yoga.


I met this girl from Israel yesterday and we sat and talked for a long time. She wanted to know where the Yoga classes were held in Hampi so I helped or showed her. She wants that I attend the class session today with her. I am not sure yet, maybe I will go and maybe I will not. My stomach or bowels is rumbling and I need to go to the toilet a little too often, so I am worried about a lot of movement. I think I just ate some food that travels too fast through the body and this will be over quickly, but as for now my stomach is rumbling.

The food in India is so spicy, and full of funky type mixtures of pieces to potatoes, onions, carrots, green things, and such. It is hard to say what is in come of the spice sauces, and this to me is confusing. I can pretty much predict how my body will react to most food, but some of the dishes here a full of every combination of vegetable and spices I am bewildered to say what I even ate, so predicting my body is very difficult.

I also have a mental problem with the word Yoga. If I think of this as a stretching class, and I can forget this wide eyed, I am holy and spiritual look in the eyes of the teacher I may do betters. The teacher does seem like an Ok person, but I cannot really say. I had a confused reading of him on my mental bullshit meter. A could of student walking out of the class I read clearly as the totally dink and clueless types, but he was shaking their hands as we entered and give a starry eyed, I love you, and feel you look.

There is nothing wrong with this in theory, but I am wary of any place where the naïve meet the master. This is an ingredient for abuse. Not of meet, but in most of these situations the teachers, masters, or whatever you call these types, of people, and they exist in the whole world it is 90 percent of the time a complex method of the guy getting the ability to get shagged.

It is like a male aerobic teacher, or being the boss in an office of women, or any situation of authority and listeners. In Churches, Temples, and all forms of religious this exist also. The authority is somehow given guru status, that enables and inordinate amount of earned or unearned respect, and enables the authority to have undue power if the authority wishes.

I am laughing as I write this, because a common statement for me to say when explaining how to make a webpage famous is,

“You need to become the Guru of the page subject.”

I went and looked up this word in the Encyclopedia and I ran into a maze of complexities about the Hindi religion and how a Guru is a form of spiritual leader. Without explaining too much, but I will paraphrase that these leaders appear to be self-appointed here. To me a Guru status is an earned status, and who really wants the Guru label. It smells to me of insincerity, and of honesty.

A bunch of travelers just entered the gate of the Hotel. It is about 6:50 in the morning here and that is early for travelers to enter. I am pretty sure that swarms of travelers are migrating here from Goa.

The Hampi people have been waiting for this, and I am sure they are very happy, as they will enter their peak earning time of the year and are able to double their prices. The hotel I live in has raises the prices 50 percent already.

I am not too fond of this, but Hampi is a place where people live on hope of getting rich off of tourist, and this is fools gold for most of them. They make a lot of money in the next two-week and then they will try to repeat those earning for the next 50 weeks, always under the delusion that they can do this again in each week, and they were or are only in the right place and the right time. The would to better to come here for 2 weeks and sell things in the street, then to pay for rent a whole year.

I am pretty sure that the Monsoon season here is traumatic to income.


I am laughing myself silly here in India. There are so many people trying find themselves and the Yoga teachers are getting the women that you have to laugh. Normally the level of stupidity is at a level where I am not sure if it is they, or I but India has taken on clarity that is easy.

I will say that Serenity they are seeking is not about being on top of a mountain with no stress, serenity is being calm in the middle of chaos. Also known as India…


I do not like to listen to people talk about the latest fad or fashion; it wears on my mind to listen and frustrates me to no end. Yoga is the fad of flavor here in India for the tourist.

I was about to say it is a normal activity in India, but I have yet to see any Indians other than the teachers doing Yoga, so maybe it is the same fashion here as in the USA.

A Canadian guy made a good point last night that as an exercise it a good way to stretch the body and retract the aging process. I have realized that my body has become less limber with age, so this is appealing, plus he said he met a couple of Israel girls while in class, so that is a bonus.

Gandhi in his autobiography does not talk about Yoga; he is a push the veggie strain or vegetarian type faddist. But as I push around and looking my Encyclopedia Yoga shows up with the Hindi religion.

I have to admit that the Hindu and the Buddhist Religious are bafflingly difficult to understand, and I do not believe the people that worship these religions understand, but I believe that most people have a desire to believe in a God that does not require reason. They desire creates a devotional attitude.

I may have discovered the word that irritates me about religious of the world. I am totally in favor or all the religions of the world existing, but I am not in favor of them wearing or representing themselves in any way shape or form as religious.

For example you can recognize a Catholic Priest by his robe or collars. You can recognize the Muslims by their hats and long white shirts. You can recognize the Hindus by the red dot in the middle of their eyes. A lot of Protestants you can recognize by them walking around carrying a bible.

I think this is the word “Orthopraxy,” but unfortunately my dictionary in the computer does not have the word, although the Encyclopedia uses the word in comparison.

- basis of practice (orthopraxy)

rather than doctrine (orthodoxy)

When I was describing the various religions above I was describing how they practice or do their religions. This is the act of worship or one act of devotion or worship.

I really could care less in about going into detail on this in the blog because it normally just irritates people when I slice and dice a subject, so I will try to stop myself now.

I believe that the use of any force to push a religion whether by shame, guilt, coercion, law, or the most normal of people comparing how they dress to the way another person dresses is a sin. In the Christian Bible it pushes the idea that the act of Satan is to cause 2 people to argue. I think this difference in dress causes to people to argue. It the same as 2 separate gang members having on their colors and they see each other, and because they are supposed to not like each other, they do not.

I believe you can be a perfect person without telling anyone. In fact I think the only perfect people could never be found, because they would not be seen or felt in any normal way.

I am going to stop, but here are 3 ways the Hindu religion has a path to salvation. Yoga is number 2 here, but this is what interest me is that the travelers always separate the exercise of Yoga from the religion of Hinduism and this to me is like eating a piece of pizza with no cheese or tomato sauce. Something is missing.


The way (marga)

The final emancipation (moksha).

These three ways to salvation are

(1) the karma-marga (“the path of duties”), the disinterested discharge of ritual and social obligations;

(2) the jnana-marga (“the path of knowledge”), the use of meditative concentration preceded by a long and systematic ethical and contemplative training, yoga, to gain a supra-intellectual insight into one's identity with brahman; and

(3) the bhakti-marga (“the path of devotion”), the devotion to a personal God. These ways are regarded assuited to various types of people.

NOTE: Asking for forgiveness of the Christian Religions is lot easier…. Hehehe Plus the Christian religion says all of the 3 will not work and all that is needed is to ask for forgiveness of sin. A hell of a lot easier, plus with the world full of guilty people…

The Muslims have a few thousand rules to follow.

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