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2004-01-06 01:53:00

 I have finished the book and still at lengths on how to explain, or what to think of the book. It is obvious that Gandhi was trying very hard to seek truth in the realm of helping the people of India and this is good. I suppose for me the truth is somewhere around an idea that maybe all religions are both correct and incorrect at the same time, and there is a need to devout to your energy to a path that is correct in your mind, but is surely incorrect in the other persons mind. This dualism or acceptance that two ways are correct and that the truth lies in listening to your personal voice and following the advice of that voice. The delusional person will think their voice is telling them to do selfish behaviors and will forever be shown or demonstrated by their guilt. A person that looks or seems guilty is not listening to their voice.


Gandhi is into a restraint of passions things and this is confusing to me, because he assumes so much in his autobiography about the readers understanding of the Hindu religion or Ahisma, Jainism and other words. I am still lost on why he thinks he needs to give up sex, I can understand the vegetarian part, because he believes that he should not kill or harm in any way other living things. The line is not clear though for this belief of his.

I find him very honest, and definitely less than a Saint, but admitting to his faults constantly. My gut reaction would be his big sin was pride and wanting attention. He does seem very political in nature and like or looks for the love of his people.

I will say that he references intentions in violence, but does so far not reference the pre-meditation to manipulate people as a form of violence. I would much rather have a person slap me, and deal with then to have them use manipulative pre-meditated, or conspire to change me. He does this constantly and does not separate mental violence from the physical violence. The book is his life story and people beliefs do change over time.

He seems to completed gloss over “Temptation” as a religious problem. I see Temptation or the desire to enter into tempting situations as the problem with Restraint. It is easy to give up sex if you cut off your testicles. It is a little more difficult to have restraint with them. He basically leaves his wife, children, and does not eat meat because he believes it stops his sex drive, plus he only does a good job of the sex problem when in an older age.

He is a good man, but I wish he would have explained better his motivations and less on his exploits or adventures. Truth is about motives for me, and the idea of avoiding temptation, and when in a temptation know how to leave, and then to have restraint as the final act.

I would paraphrase or surmise the reason why he believes restraint is good that it teaches a person how to manage their passions. I believe very few people can control their hunger or passions. I hear thin people tell fat people how to lose weight. I would never listen to a thin person on this subject; I would only listen to a person that I was positive was fat and lost the weight. There is always advice from people that are very good at something telling the other how easy it is to do something. I am very good at computers and it is almost impossible to lower my level of thought sufficiently to where I can empathize with the lowest skilled of the people that wish to use a computer. There is a class that refuses to use a computer that is even lower, but that is a whole separate situation.

I have techies berate me constantly because I make links and say,

“Click here.”

I remember when I first started I did not know what the little hand was and only when I saw the click here was I aware what to do. Plus I also had to learn what is a “Click” of the mouse. The only sure thing I can do is type “Click Here.” I try to choose answers that apply to all people understanding and not to select peoples.

I am constantly making fun of acronyms or abbreviations, and jargon of any type in writing. Oh yea, I make fun of politically correct speech also… PC?


I am having problems updating the archives of my site and finding all the photos. It is very depressing to learn I have lost photos. 90 percent of the photos lost were from paying computer stores or techies to backup my hard drive.

Chris has recommended this page: I tried to retrieve some of the pages from years ago, and I cannot retrieve them, I will try to retrieve some of the pages that I have lost photos.

This makes me very frustrated and angry with techies and constantly proves to me their inability to be logical and systematic. Just because a person is good on a computer does not mean they can do the job. I am so grateful for the advances of CD Rom burning, although this is not foolproof.

Note the way back machine did not work for