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2004-01-18 22:45:00

I am in Sewagram home of the Asharm founded by Mahatma Ghandi


I am sitting here in my room typing. The guy next door is walking outside the door and clearing his throat and spitting. This seems to part of the culture and a daily ritual for people. The bad part about this is not so much the noise, and the idea I am going to be walking around later on the ground. Makes a guy wish he could fly. The India people are the worst I have encountered so far for this obnoxious behavior of spitting, but I hear the Chinese will give them a run for the money on this. I have slowly came to believe that this is due to the very spice food, and if their bodies did not have to make so much mucous to protect itself, this would not be a problem. I was eating a chicken curry dish last night and my nose started to run. I like spicy foods, but have begun to realize this is part of my sinus problems. I have started to slow down on the pepper. A curry though is impossible and the India food is extremely hot and spicy. In the ancient days before refrigerators the only way to preserve foods was often with spices.

This guy has been doing this obnoxious noise for 30 minutes. I am still looking for the perfect earplugs. This would really be helpful, if I had a pair of super super earplugs. Not just some garden variety, but something that would stop the noise. I am thinking about hanging a blanket across the window.

I was reading about noise pollution yesterday in the English Newspaper. It was saying how much higher than normal the city of Bangalore was than was considered acceptable. The numbers are hard to remember, but they obviously did not like the amount of noise in Bangalore. The article blamed it on the increasing number of cars, and motorcycles. I would say that Iquitos Peru was the noisiest city I have ever visited.

But noise pollution is a problem and for the life of me I cannot understand why no one talks about this stress! I think the noise is the biggest problem of travel, and blocking it out with a CD Rom is only a mask and a good calm is better than a good masking or cover-up, but I guess a lot of people need to the confusion to keep from being alone with themselves.


There was in Manchirial or maybe spelled Manchirayal in the State of Andhra Pradesh bags of water for sale at the bus stand for drinking. There is about the same amount of water as a soda or Coke in the bag. This is normally a sign of bad water, or possible bad water, because the bags of water are cheap enough for normal people to drink while the bottled water is too expensive. I suppose a 5 Gallon or 5 Gallon liter dispensers is also a sign of bad water. There was lots of bottled water in Goa and Karnataka State, but I never saw a dispenser or any type of way to load the bottle and make easy to pour yourself a drink. This is like the water coolers they are trying to push on the USA public, with both a Hot and Cold water dispenser. The water in the USA is excellent, and there is no reason for bottled water, but for some sort of exclusivity reason, but sometimes through marketing you can convince people they have a need, when there is none.



I am just arrived an hour ago into Sirpur or a part of Sirpur that is before Sirpur. I really do not know the exact name yet, because it has always been written in a local language on paper for me and I cannot read or type these characters.

But the Hotel is wonderful for 70 Rupees a night. I also do not know the name of it yet, but I will look around on the building when I leave to walk. This small city has a wonderful looking market area just below my hotel, and I am going to stay at least 2 nights here, because I am moving to fast.

I have a roommate in the room by the name of “Gecko,” he or she like to crawl on the wall during the day. This is a little strange for geckos that normally stay inside until night. Geckos are not a problem and usually stay high or out of the room by a crack in one second of movement. Hard to even photograph them, plus they are always in the dark areas.

The bus trip was great, and the people at the bus stop in Marichuri or the big town before Sirpur about 150 kilometers back was a hoot. I counted one time after the crowd left and I had about 40 people standing trying to talk with me, really made me wish I would have taken a shower this morning. I even wasted the hot water that was bought and brought to the room.

I think I set a record for people around me talking. I am sure in Mosul I could have beat this, but I was not willing to stand around in Mosul, Iraq long enough for a group this big. But it was funny, and I hope some of the photos came out good. The area was shady and who know if the digital camera worked good or bad. I will check them later to see.

The center of the country seems to be a large rice-growing region. I saw lots and lots of rice paddies, but sort of dry in between the paddies.

There is statue of some man now that I have seen about 10 times in each of the small cities. I will try to find another one and take a photo. I think it is the same guys as was in Dharwad, but the words are all in Hindi or something, and I cannot read. But I would think this is some current leader with a propaganda campaign, normally dead leaders do not get that much statue space.

There are AID’S signs every 20 Kilometers in Yellow and big that tell them to beware of AIDS and to be careful. I am impressed with the organizational network of the Indian government. The social programs are very good, but the level or how they deal with cleanliness is still on the crazy side. I do not know why they do not have a keep India clean program. With lots of trash bins and such around for people to throw their trash. The street is the receptacle and this is crazy. They do clean up the streets, but so much of the trash makes it to the water that the pollution of the water is terrible.


Hot water was brought to my room at 7:00 AM in Karimnagar, India for 3 Rupees for a dip style bath.


I went into the post office yesterday here in Karimnagar, India and the person that was working in the post office really spoke bad English and could or would not help me to mail a package of my backpack organizers to the USA.

But there were various Hindu and Muslims in the post office and as normal they stare, shake hands, and want to know my “Good Name” or where I am from, so as I was standing in line I had to perform as normal. Hello, Andy, America, or USA etc.

A few Muslims were shaking my hand and being helpful. There is a belief that Muslims hate Christians and I could make a good argument for that, but what is funny is that people want to be friends. I was leaving the place and the two Muslims came out and were doing their best to try to explain that if I took a bus to one city, and train to Nagpur I could mail my package very easily. I was impressed shook their hands, and was really appreciative. I really could not understand the name of the city they wanted me to take a bus to, but I did understand their intentions. They wanted to be good people.

I have found that the big problem with all religions is the religious leaders that demand of their followers that they behave like idiots. The Muslim Clerics are to me the ringleaders of this Hate or Jihad idea and this is not the normal person Idea of love. But the follower being a good worshipper almost has no choice, because the leader has told them this is correct, and they are just a normal person, and why should they fight against the idea of their leader.

I believe that Nation States have a obligation to make it illegal for any individual create hate, including the religious leaders.