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2004-01-16 04:37:00

I am in Karmimnagar, India.

State of (Who knows? I am too lazy to look in Guidebook.)

I got to use the ATM in Hyderbad and have money now. Yea!

It is about 200 Kilometers Northeast of Hyderbad.

Hotel Parshanth Lodge

100 Rupee a night with a toilet inside the room.

Excellent room and the staff are nice.

Walk outside the bus stop and turn left. Walk about 200 meters and it is on your left-hand side as you cross a street. Look for name on top.

Since this city was not in my Footprints guidebook, I thought I would help a little.

I left Hampi / Hospet by train at 4 and arrived the next morning. Very nice trip except for my bunk was maybe a little short. I slept on the top bunk in sleeping class.

TRAINS - What I think you want to ask for when buy a train ticket is:

Sleeping Class - UB Upper Bunk or Top Tier. You want to be on the top so that they do not make your bunk into a seat during the day. Note that the window side is longer and can hold your backpack better. I sleep with my backpack and all my belonging on the inside part of my bed.

It was a little crowded on my bunk because I have this stupid box of backpack organizers to mail to the USA still with me. I am very glad I put a cord around the box or it would be impossible to carry. But there is I, the big backpack, the little backpack and this box about 14 inches by 14 inches in the top bunk. The bunk is short so there is very little room. The window bunks are bigger. I took the clips form my new water bottle holder and clipped the backpack to the steel mesh at the top of the wall to hold both my small backpack and the box off of me and give me more room. I am going to install a lot more of these clips on the backpacks so I can hook them to the trains better.

I left Hampi and went to Hyderbad. The place smells like a sewer at the bus stop. I wanted to go the Techie part of the city. I guess or am told is it is called. “High Tech City.” I was on my way, but the Auto Rickshaw guy was too complicated and I decided to just leave the city. It was 5:30 in the morning and still dark, and I have not idea where I was. I supposedly arrived in a city called Racheguide or something like that. I was told it was between Hyderbad and Sucunderbad. But I could not find this place on the map. So I was in place I do not know, and trying to go to another place I do not know. I talked to really nice man at the station that spoke decent English. I said I want to go north toward Nagpur. He said I need to go to Katzpitt. I then went to the bus stop he called. “Jubilee.” I am positive this is crazy, but I am pretty sure I am heading toward Nagpur by bus. I get on the bus and finally pass a few small cities. One is finally on the map in the guidebook. I am heading Northeast out of the city and not directly north. So much for going straight north.

Well. I made it about 200 kilometers Northeast of Hyderbad. The bus stop at Jubilee in Hyderbad smelled like a rotten bunch of hay in a cow tramp shed. The smell of India is atrocious.

Catching buses is pretty easy. But I am now in Karmimnagar and I am going to search for an Atlas I discovered the other day. It cost 70 Rupees and has both the Trains and the Roads on it and all the states. I really need a good map, and the one the guidebook it bad.

I hope it has both the Hindi and the name in English on one map. I do not know why they give maps with only one language. The do not understand the word in English and it would be better to point at the spelling in Hindi then to try to say the word. Maps in English are for English people, but I need a map the local language… ALWAYS. Maps should always be in dual language if possible. My guidebook has the name in Hindi or some language. “Sometimes” next to the name of the city. This is helpful also

I tried to mail the package to the USA, and the guy said 4000 Rupees. This is nuts and I finally learned the computer was broken, and they did not know how to calculate the cost. They did not offer me a choice on Sea or Air, and I asked for the price, and they just told me to go to Hyderbad. That is 200 Kilometer in the back, and the city of Hyderbad is big and crazy. I will go the next city and try again. I found the Post Office easily. I paid a taxi driver 10 Rupees… hehehe. I am asking a lot of disinterested parties the price of taxis, and this is saving me money on taxis. The owner said the taxi was 10 Rupees.

I will leave tomorrow morning for or toward Nagpur. I am in a round about way going toward Varanasi to see them burn dead bodies and see if it really as dirty as they say. Everyone loves the place, but the descriptions are gruesome.

Nagpur is close to Savernain or something like that where there is a Holy Retreat called an Ashram that was made by Ghandi.

The bus trip was interesting. North of Hyderbad is very flat and tons of rice paddies. There is a lot of food being grown. There are few dams in the area collecting and controlling water. I saw a lot of large warehouse along the way, and I am starting to think that India is very industrialized in a hard to see sort of way. The factories and the warehouse are out in the country for the most part with fence and off the road. You can only see them from a distance, and there is a gate to enter. If I am lucky I can read the sign in English to discover what is inside. There was a “Leather” place along the way, and lot of Rice warehouse. I saw a city of smokestack, but have no idea why. But industry is a lot better than the subsistence farming of South America.

I will go look for an Internet café. I am sure the city has one. Oops, I need to take a shower first. Overnight train and 4 hours on a bus, and I am too grungy. I am hoping for warmer water than Hampi.


Today in the 15th of January 2004 and the locals are cleaning, and swarming around. They are clean the ground or wiping the ground down here in Hampi, Karnataka, India with a mix of water and cow manure or shit. It is quite fun to watch as what we would consider a disgusting procedure they consider something different. They are drawing the rangolis on the ground then taking flowers and rolled up cow turds and making little monuments in the center. I notice yesterday that all the cow manure was being plucked up around the area.

Also the people are taking baths in the river, and I saw a boy getting a hot sponge bath. The cook water in large vats and then take sponge baths over the top of the concrete drainage canals. Note that I have learned that the human waste goes into a small holding tank or septic systems below the toilets.


Just like clockwork the lights in Hampi go out in the morning around 7 and come on a few minutes later. They do this at night also around 7. Like a change of shift, and this is what Shackle tells me that happens. What is really stupid is the restaurants come around at night and melt candle wax on the ashtray or some hard surface on your table for a light. Then about 5 minutes later they take the candle off the table when the lights come back on, so what happens is every day they drip hot wax on something. The solution would be to make some type of candleholder as for the last 25 days here this happens daily. But this is long-term thinking and not really part of the mentality or culture of the underdeveloped countries. Sublimation or doing things for the long-term is one of the biggest problems for poorer countries and almost guarantees they will remain poor.

With the cost of labor the managers and bosses think the same way.


Thursday morning.

I leave by train today for Hyderbad, India. The train leaves around 4 in the afternoon and will arrive there the next day. It is necessary I go to a place where I am 100 percent sure there will be an ATM machine.

I am not looking forward to staying in Hyderbad for a night, because it has over 5 million people, and I am not sure how to find my way around. The larger the city, the more difficult it is to learn the transportation. It would be extremely beneficial if the guidebooks would say things like…


The buses run from here to here in a straight line.

The buses run a circular route.

The buses start and end at the same bus stop.

The same is for trolleys, subways, trains, etc.

For instance in Quito Ecuador the trolley goes through the city. You pay a fare and you can go to the other end of the city. You pay another fare and you return back to the same location.

In Acapulco the buses go around in circles. If you stay on the bus long enough you will arrive back to the same location.


Thursday Morning

I have been reading in my encyclopedia for the last hour this morning trying to learn how to clean the toilets in India or maybe how to clean my kitchen equipment.

In the end as best I can figure out it would be best to use boiled water with Ammonia or maybe Chlorine. I would suppose common laundry bleach with be the source of Chlorine. I suppose if I carried powdered laundry bleach I could clean the toilets the most sanitary.

Although I would consider Thailand as looking cleaner, in the end I feel the water supply from the Tap to be of poorer quality than of India. The people of India are naturally as a culture having more body dirt, but the water is cleaner. I think the Thai people use soap and water, while the India people just more or less hope things are clean.

For cleaning there is nothing like very hot water and some Clorox or ammonia.

In the poor countries hot water is a never used, it is therefore my belief that very few things are truly sanitized, and especially in the kitchen. Iodine is used in Mexico to clean the water for salads, although I would not eat a salad in Mexico or almost any country.

I have not eaten the Tally here in India, and do not plan on starting. I did eat part of Tally one day with a friend when I did not know what it was, but still did not eat the lettuce or maybe cabbage part.

I served French Fries or Finger Chips as they call them here in Hampi the other day with shredded cabbage and carrots on top. French Fries are probably very sanitary because of the boiled oil, but the cabbage did not help.

Fresh vegetables and or raw foods are suspect for me. I eat a lot of packaged food or cooked breads and such, and do not try to eat all the fruits or vegetables. I will buy orange and limes to peel and eat, but would not and really have never eaten these types of foods while traveling as served in Restaurants. I have had very few problems with diarrhea and would consider my bigger problem as being foods that go through the body fast or have lots of cellulose and do not digest. For instance if I eat peanuts, coconuts, or other similar foods in EXCESS I will have a problem in the toilet for ONE day upon cessation.

I had a problem two days ago, and I finally learned that the Chetnee I like so well is made with peppers and COCONUT. I ate about 10 of the Puri with Coconut Chetnee and the next day I had a problem. I ate Chapathi a form of flat pancake like dough, similar to a tortilla for a day and was fine. I almost always blame toilet problems on the type of foods and not the bacteria’s for me.

EXPORTING HEADACHES - January 14 Sent First

I went to the post office today in Hampi and all the rules are different than Margoa. Really I cannot figure out the rules, and I had the same problem in Margoa, Goa when I tried to learn they just have no time to help, teach, show, and treat me as if I was dumb for asking the questions.

I am slowly evolving an idea that it is better to go to country and buy stuff and carry it home in the backpack. Sending packages home cost more than a place ticket.

The man in Hampi said that it would take 3 - 4 months to send a package home by Sea. The girl in Hospet said it would take 30-40 days to send a package home by Sea. Who is correct I will only learn either a good way or a bad way. I sent one package home by Sea to see how long it will take.


I am getting ready to leave Hampi, India and I realize if I had a choice I would go to South America before I would go to the next place in India. India is very easy to travel in; except for in my opinion the train, and that is more like Europe where you have to get a reservation all the time. I think the religions are starting to wear on my brain. There is no way to become part of Asia for the most part, I would always be a foreigner, and never accepted. I think it is very convenient here, and in some ways the India people are like servants to the Foreigners but I always feel like they do not respect the Foreigners and only want the money.

In one of the English newspapers yesterday it describe how some India people hacked the arms and legs off an Indian boy for marrying an Indian girl that was above his caste or class level. The great part is that the newspapers report all this type of barbarians and try to portray it as just that barbaric, but it will take a long time to change India and bring it into the modern world.

So I guess I miss South America where I was more or less equal with all the locals. Oh yea, I had more money, but that was only a big deal if I allow it, and not a problem


I will leave on the 4:00 PM train to Hyderbad. It is scheduled to arrive the next morning at 5:30 or close to that time. I will probably stay the night in Hyderbad to smell the city. It has over 5 million people. I got to believe it is ripe, or hopefully they make the bigger cities more modern than the smaller cities.


I am having some headaches in India finding ATM machines. Normally a country bank will all have the ATM, for instance if a Bank of India has an ATM, then they will have one for all the cities banks in the country. This is NOT true of India.

I need to carry extra or more cash than normal in India.

I think I will try to get on one of them ATM locators on the Internet. Hopefully that will work. Normally only in the places where you do not need an ATM and they are everywhere, but I will check, because this would save me days of travel.

The ATM locator did not work, or tell me anything. It had a few of the cities I would like to stop and visit, but as always. “No information available.” I did find a India Corporation Bank that said it had an ATM in Bijapur, but it did not say if it took outside the country, or only the inside the country cards, so that was inconclusive.

I give up, I will go to Hyderbad and get money and skip some of the cities in between. I purchased a sleeper 2nd class sleeper train with an upper bunk for 269 Rupees to somewhere that is suppose to be there, but has a different name of “Kachegoda.”

I will stay a night in Hyderbad and go north by small bus along the same route as the train tracks. If I want I can jump on a train and move faster or at least with less pain. The guy I purchased a train ticket from said I needed to buy tickets 10 days ahead to go directly to Hyderbad, this is nuts and not my idea of travel. I do no have itineraries.


Hard to keep a straight face when walking down the dirt alley toward my friends Shackles house and I encounter a lady playing or putting her hand on the rectum of a cow. I thought I better take a photo just in case… Never know when a photo is needed.

I will try to be respectful, but what I finally learned she was doing is trying to get the cow to pee so that she could collect in a pot. She is going to use the urine to clean something, and I am not sure I really want to know.