Yesterday I worked too hard, and now I am thinking too much. I watch myself very carefully because I am an alcoholic. This is a habit that I have had for over 16 years. Nothing is wrong, but when I get too…





I HALT or slow the life down. Yesterday was a too much day, but then again India is a too much country. Every thing is too much, but when you have nothing to do it is too much also. So whenever I start to try to accomplish one of my little missions in a day. I know it will be too much of too much.

What happened yesterday was that I had a big mission and what I thought should have been a small mission to accomplish. Really the second mission was supposed to be so simple it was not a problem.


My big missions of the day were to finish my newsletter and send; mission accomplished. My second errand or baby mission was to mail my package of light-bulb-socket-plugs to the USA. I worked on this mission the day before, so I was 90 percent finished and this was just a straggler. But it turned into a real ordeal because of the lady at the post office.

The whole story is this.

I went to the post office a couple of days ago to find out the price to ship a kilo of anything to the USA. There was lot of very impolite, rude, and probably just normal Indian people inside the post office pushing and shoving for the stamp window. I tried to stand in line normally and in the end for fairness I became the line police and kept them at bay. They are very rude, but I am very big in comparison and if I wished, I can easily force myself to the front of the line, that is a no brainer, and in the back of their mind they know this also. So line strategies or a queue as the English calls them is always on my side. This line was a pain, but the bigger problem was the lady behind the desk. It was a dirty glass, with a hole. The noise level in the place was horrendous and impossible to understand here sloppy English.

The English of India is superb in comparison to other poorer countries but they are on the sloppy side of English. They speak too quietly, and the pronunciation is worse then the English. But they learned from the English so that “Stuff” does flow downhill, so it would make sense that their English is sloppier then the Brits.

So I am screaming at her that I want to know how much it cost to mail a kilo to the USA? She is not happy, and does not want to answer the question. I repeat the question and make her aware I was not leaving until I have an answer. I slowed down all the rude and bad mannered people in the line and this got them hollering for faster service. So I was the center of attention and holding up the line. I do not care, and am on the side of a just world. I stood in line, I waited my turn, and I asked my question. It was my turn for her to answer my questions and to provide service. She kept reaching around me to help the other. I reach around and stopped that after the first one go around me, but she was annoying and had a bad soul, not an evil soul, but just one of them that probably could be bribed.

I think she said it cost 375 Rupees for 1 kilo. I then asked about how much for 2 kilos? She said,

“You are wasting my time.”

I said,

“I am trying to export things out of your country so your people make money!”

She was a #%#hole.

I walked out and left. That number was in the ballpark, and ok. So I would proceed with my plan to send these light-plugs to the USA.

I went and packaged the box. I had to go buy tape. This cost me 55 rupees or about 1.25 dollars. I tape it up completely and return the next day, which was yesterday, or the 3rd of December. It was addressed and ready to go.

Note: I asked everyone that I could about what I had to do to mail a package. They just wiggle their heads and say nothing. I thing they are checking with the wiggle if something is inside.

I take the package back to the same ugly woman. She is not so ugly in looks, but ugly in spirit. She takes the package and tells me I have to wrap it in white paper. She is trying to point at a package. All they show me is paper, but there is something missing, but she does not speak English worth a hoot and she just cannot be bothered to do a good job. She does say something about it needing to be OK for stamps.

The white paper thing is OK, and I was already worried that the tape was not correct for shipping. I know they want special tapes in the USA sometimes, and they can be a large pain also. But like any bureaucracy you must learn the rules, and then repeat. So I am learning the rules of India.

I return at 6:00 pm to the office. The sign says it closes at 18:30 hours. This is 6:30 pm and I am calculating in my head. It looks closed, and she is sitting there by herself writing. She still cannot be bothered and I hand her the white package. She asked,

“What is in it?”

I say,


This is a lie. But I really do not care. I will have to think of a good truthful comment. Maybe I will say a sample. A sample of something I want to Export or Import to the USA. All those words will bring up red flags, bribes, and all sorts of red tape, and extra money. Better to just walk up to a window and send. Her asking question about what is inside was making me nervous. I felt like I was in Mexico. They are always on the lookout for a way to extort a bribe in Mexico. India seems on the same program. But Mexico for sure is a lot worse. It the worse I have encountered.

She says that I must put cloth around the bag. I am confused because cloth will not hold a stamp. I told her to write down in her language, or any language she pleased the instructions to the tailor to sew up this package inside a cloth bag.

She wrote them down, and I left without this errand accomplished.

I have made some real money in business transactions. I am constantly counting the minutes and the time to see if this is a good business deal. It is still a great business deal. But I still do not know the actual price to mail this to the USA. I think the cost of mailing will be twice the cost I paid for the items.

Everyone acts like exporting things is easy. I have only met one person that did this, and he probably spent weeks to make 2 dollars. I know he did not make real money. He just kept busy, and this is a good mission and a good reason. You need to have something to do while traveling.

I decided I need to add Import / Export to my page. Here is the new link: