Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


I have been banging away at fixing and repairing some old newsletter and broken links. It is huge undertaking, but I can say for sure that I think my writing has improved. I am able to do a lot of these repairs because of larger ram memory in my new computer and the FrontPage 2000 program. But this site of mine is too big and I have no idea how to fix it all. It will take years to clean this up to a really nice level. But I am working slowly, steadily, and trying to clean up them spelling errors. I am a bad speller. That is not true, I cannot see when I type badly. My grammar is bad.


I have an appointment to meet with a techie to help on the PHP of my page tomorrow at 2:00 PM. He has something called or uses something called,

“PHP Nuke.”

The appointment a lot of loose strings will probably delay me until Thursday for leaving Margao.

I have not idea how the NUKE program would affect my page, or what it will do, but I have a test site that I will use it on, before I go crazy and use it on the main

The whole idea is to make every page a little “Specific Forum” but not have to have all the password and such. But still be able to control, delete, and especially edit or stop people from submitting or spamming my search engine.

I am laughing a lot. I will pay a guy from India to stop the people from India from filling my pages up with useless information. I have been learning how to rapidly clean up a lot of messes. But it is still a lot of random stuff on my site. I have now had about 7000 submissions in the database. But I would expect may 20,000 more in the next year minimum so I got to get read of the mess it will cause, but more importantly to be efficient in processing the information.