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I am sitting around today; Wednesday and completing my travel newsletter. I will e-mail it about 8-10 tonight here when the people in the USA are just waking up and/or at work, I a little confused on my travel plans because of reading my new (used) guidebook and learning different things of interest. There is a beach closed to Margao that is suppose to be very nice, and lots of fishermen by the name of Colva.

I want to go by bus for a day trip and look around. Beaches that are close to fishermen are interesting and fun because I can lay on the beach or walk around and look at thing. Looking at girls is fun, but actually more fun when there is some real distractions like fishermen, nets, and large boats.

I am also looking for some large fishing needles. I bought a couple last year in Thailand to sew up my bag. They seem to use them to repair nets or something like that, it is always hard to be sure in countries like Thailand because I do not speak Thai and their English is horrible. Here the English is excellent, but still they do not know why I ask silly questions, so are hesitant to answer.

What I did last year when my bag ripped along the seam is went into this fishermen supply store and bought really large needles and a fishing net cord. The cord was extremely cheap, but very strong so perfect to sew up my bag. It worked very well. Normal thread is not very good because it is weak.

I am thinking about putting together a backpack repair kit of the things I would recommend to carry.

Normally in cheap countries I use a shoe repair place and have my bag fixed. That works reasonably well here in India, but in East Asia where they do not where shoes it is very difficult to find a shoe repair person. In South America it is extremely easy.

In any real expensive place like the USA and Europe I would fix the bag myself, so in the end, I guess I would sell the repair kit mostly to people traveling to Eastern Asia, USA, or Europe. But not important, if they want it they want it.

This all started because I ripped my pocket on the large backpack pulling it off the bus. This is the second time a bus has cut or ripped my bag.



I think I lost my extra pair of reading glasses. I am pretty sure I lost them in England at the Hostel. It is really the most logical place, but not really that important, it was time to buy some new ones. That is how I discovered that they was gone I went to look for them because after I visited the eye doctor, I realized it would be good to show them my old glasses before I proceeded.

I do not like to lose things. It means to me something in my travel system has a hole. I do not lose many things, and I believe most travelers if they was honest or smarter would realize the lose more things then are stolen. I started a list of places for a future tip on where I lose things and why as a place to collect ideas.