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I cannot say the beach looks that interesting, sort of a long drawn out thing and with a lot of thatch restaurants. There appears to be 2 large sets of very nice house or resort development just off the beach. These are really nice houses and I expect they are expensive. The small village is quaint and very nice. I may go there for a couple of days. It is only 20 minutes from Margoa and only 5 Rupees by bus; I can live there and still come in and get some Internet work done for a few more days.

I also have my eye on a few more sample type packages to send home now that I know the system and also understand Margao.

The room at Benaulin is only 100 Rupees and I am paying 180. The room where I am in right now is real dodgy looking at night, and I do not like to walk around. Benaulin would allow me to roam around at night better.


Sometime I just go to the restroom to take a break and think. I miss the normal type. This squat has nothing to do with “Rest.”


I have so many little things to do, and Margao is very convenient to perform these tasks that I am having trouble leaving. I am still here doing all sorts of little items. I did go to a beach Colva just 8 kilometers away. It was very or extremely touristy and not a very interesting beach. I can almost tell how a town is constructed or laid out whether I will enjoy the situation. This place seemed to have resort type hotels more then Mom and Pop types. Palolem has the Mom and Pop type. All are small or say less then 50-meter or yards wide on the beach, or basically as wide as a large restaurant. This makes all the places close and cozy, but if they spread out then it is impossible to meet anyone and to know people. The social life comes down to only the bar scene and become boring. Koh Samui was the resort type in Thailand while Koh Pha Ngan was more the Mom and Pop type. The layout of Hotels is very important to my enjoyment of a place.

I want to talk and enjoy the place, and not just be there. The Hiltons, Sheratons and Holiday Inn type mentality is that you go to be in THAT hotel. Like the Hotel is the reason you go to a place, and in reality this is probably true for 90 percent of people. The visit a Hotel and not a place, or they visit a Resort and not a country. A resort is not the country, it is a resort where you get away from a countries problems. Where you are pampered, coddled and fed food. Oops and spend lots and lots of money.

Most of my great memories are about place where I have visited that groups of people sat around and had fun together. Like in La Paz in the Carretero Hostel, or Ecuador in the Grand Hotel Quito in the old part of Quito or in Pie De La Cuesta Mexico. I suppose I could say the same for the Barmy Badger in Earls Court of London. The fun was meeting a few people and the group going somewhere or sharing some laughs together.

Palolem beach could be a lot like that, but not good for me because I am not from England. Sort of a Brit thing.


I was sitting in my room here in Margao trying to arrange some of the old photos and WebPages. I cannot find some photos on my computer. I am getting very annoyed, frustrated and angry about this situation. I do not want to think about it much, but it all comes down to me trusting another person with information. I have lost so many photos because I trusted a person or company. I have a friend Brett that has helped out a lot and has always done a good job, but I can tell you anyone else or company that I have ever entrusted digital information with has deleted, erased, or improperly managed information.

Fortunately the cost of backing up information has become cheaper, easier and quicker so no I can do all my own. In the past 50 Megs of information was a tremendous amount, but now it is nothing.

I am not sure where is safe?

I have lost tons of information backed up on the internet because a company has went out of business or just deleted it.

I have lots tons of information that I paid to have copied because the techies did a sloppy job.

I have lost information burning a CD Rom because the recorder in Cuczo did not record the data.

I have lost information I sent to the Internet because a satellite connection glitched the files.

I must have 4 locations for all information or I would never feel safe.

1. Internet

2. CD Rom (2-3 copies minimum in different locations - different houses)

3. My compute.

4. A friends, family, or second computer.

Note: Copying a hard drive is not done perfectly. If it stops for any reason there will be a problem. If you have a lot of information it will stop. A corrupt file will stop it. You must be there the whole time.