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2003-12-10 02:36:00

I talked yesterday with a couple of snitches from a resort. They live in a very originally name resort here in Benalium Beach India.

“Ocean Palms.” I am being sarcastic.

But they snitched on the people in the resort. They said,

“They are afraid to leave.”

“They sit around the pool all day, and only leave maybe with a taxi, they are told that it is unsafe to leave the resort.”

A older and very nice British couple told me this, and was quite disgusted with the inhabitants of the resort. Why go to India if you never leave? Spain is much closer. Fear is a strange thing, and very powerful. But the desire to say you visited something or the fame and maybe fools prestige of saying you was there is more powerful then fear.

CHICKEN FRIED RICE - Wednesday Morning.

I went with the four boys last night to eat at a Chinese roadside food stand. What a funny experience.

We are walking down a highway that is dark and full of crazy cars going way to fast. The boys start to sing in English that stupid song called,

“My Dingaling” Something about playing with my dingaling.

I have no idea where the learn this stuff, but they knew a lot of words to the song.

The restaurant they called,

“Rough and Ready.”

I thought the restaurant was perfect. Three sets of the world renown sets of plastic chairs and tables that are everywhere I have ever visited. That had them set up next to portable kitchen, that was positioned along side the road. Nice and cozy, and open air. Yea that is it. It was an open air restaurant. The Chicken Fried Rice cost 30 Rupees or about 75 cents U.S. and they paid for me. Very delicious and I was content.

I would like to make an observation….

Outdoor restaurants are nice.

Outdoor restaurants are enjoyable.

But in most corners of the planet they are normal, and cheaper because the owner does not have to pay overhead on street space.

This applies most of the time in Europe, Paris, and all the places where they have sidewalk cafes. So when you walk into a sidewalk café think… Maybe the owner should be cheaper and not more expensive. They are using public property for nothing and doubling their business. It is NOT a benefit offered by the restaurant, it is a benefit taken from the public, and paid for by the public tax money. I like a roadside or sidewalk cafes, but do not feel like the owner is doing me a favor, he or she is doing themselves a favor.

So if you want to start a restaurant in some cheap country. You can often just set up some table. All you really need is one covered area for the kitchen and fresh vegetable and food. In most countries that is all they have anyway. Everything must be fresh because there is very little refrigeration. I tend to not eat at restaurants that have very little business. I know they do not turn the food over enough to keep it fresh. The more they sell the fresher the food.


I rented a bike for 30 Rupees for the day from the owner of my Guesthouse and went for a ride around the area. It is full of resorts, but for the life of me I can not see how they get to the resort or leave. They must come only in buses, because I have saw thousands of units in resorts and have only seen about 10 foreigners, and the ones I do see, I see over and over again. There are lots of resorts or hotels in the world though that live for the time from December 22 to January 6th more or less, this is when they make money. If you would ask the hotel or resort though they would say the are full from November until March, but this is crap. The only time there is every some trouble with rooms in a beach area is from December 20th until about the 6th of January.

So this place is ready for people and no people. It may be that the people that come here are from northern India and rich, and maybe my supposition that they are foreigners is incorrect..

But thank God for the 2 Calcutta girls and the 4 Calcutta boys in my guesthouse or I would be even lonelier then Margoa. At least in Margoa I did not sit around thinking I would meet somebody. I was just resigned to look at them, and them look at me.


Just because you hear that India is very good with computers and they have their own Silicon Valley do not equate that this means they are good or have great Internet cafes. They are a little farther ahead because of the use of the English language, but the basic lack of communication, manners, and general view of people is still in the developing phase or underdeveloped. They do have people though that are on par as the fully developed countries, but on the average the country is still underdeveloped computer wise. You are not going to be able to buy, analyze, or maneuver in India very well. I believe everything is available in the country, but only in pockets. That is like saying you would have to travel from New York to Denver Colorado to find the equipment you want or the skills.

Ordering something or asking is still on the very underdeveloped sense of the world.


I pride myself in packing efficiently. I write tips on ways to travel effectively and efficiently. I have just spent the last 15 minutes in the dark, luckily with the help of a flashlight looking for my candles. I have put them away too good. I did find my extra eyeglasses so that it even better or great. But what would I do if I really needed the candles? I would be out of luck. I try to keep candles and a lighter in a place where I always know how to find, even in the dark. But here I am looking and cannot find the candles.

Well, at least the sun will come up soon and I will hopefully be able to see. I was looking around for the electrical breaker earlier, it does look like there are some around the building, I did not recognize them at first because they are different in design, but they are very good and the some easily accessible.


There is about 6 people living in the guesthouse besides me, they are all from the Calcutta area of India. They are all working at one of the expensive hotels. There must be a hotel Management University in Calcutta and all the 6 people have come here to work and train. They take it very serious and work very hard. Most of them are doing kitchen, or cleaning work, and seems very serious for what could be considered menial labor. The hotel are all supposed to be 5 star hotels and that must mean something in this part of India.

It is great to talk with them; they all speak very good English and even speak English between them. There are so many languages in India that they must. The official language is “Hindi” or something like that and most also speaks that, but the English language is more useful so it is dominant.

It is great to discuss the country with educated students. There are 2 girls and 4 boy students, all between 20 and 28 years of age.


I chose a place that was shady and cool to live. I have noticed that a lot of the building and guesthouse here are directly in the sun and look very hot. Palolem was idyllic in this area because all of the Huts on the beach were under talk and shady palm trees. Colva and Benalium Beach are not very shady so far. There may be places that are, but I have not discovered them. The huge housing developments on this beach are in the sun, but are constructed to have shade and security. They have guards at the gates.


I am now located at a small guesthouse on Benalium Beach. It is just 8 kilometers directly west of Magao. It would be best to assume that all the towns, villages or cities are essentially beach cities or port cities. Although many are a few kilometers away from the ocean they are built from a strategy point of view to be close to the sea. I do no know of any river in Margao, but that doe not mean there is not one. Normally there will be a fresh water river somewhere along the city to provide drinking water.


I woke up this morning and started my normally get a coffee, turn on my computer, and start my day thing. This guesthouse is new, and I have not used the electricity to make coffee yet so when I turned on the switch it blew a fuse or breaker. I am not sure and have yet to see any breaker boxes in Goa. This is the first time in India that I have blown a fuse or breaker. I am hoping they have breakers that make life easier for me and for them.

My coffee cooker use a high amount of electricity for about 20 seconds then I am done, but in that 20 seconds it put a jolt on the lines. I am always very careful but it is impossible to know what will happen. Quality and type of construction will change from Hotel to Hotel although the same basic wiring has been in all of my rooms so far. This is good, because there does appear to be some building standards in India. In fact it is a very organized country so far.

I would have to say it is dirtier in an obvious way more then Thailand, but the infrastructure of electricity, water, and gas is better. I only know Goa and I could cross the state line and the whole world could change. Each state may be really a separate country in essence.

I am typing by battery and I am extremely happy for this. My last computer with the Nichol Cadmium battery was worthless. If there was not electricity, I had to stop, but now I have about 2 hours of typing before the battery on the laptop is dead.