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2003-12-11 23:00:00

I am thinking I will stay around here for one more day to see if there is any textiles or clothes being manufactured here. I have not seen any, and the center of the city is not the place for this to occur, but normally people have road side stands or market areas where they sell the things they make, even if they do not sell well. There were assorted factories spread out inside the dense trees, or jungle as I rode from Goa to here. They looked pretty organized at a high level, but at a low level India are very underdeveloped. There appears to be a lot of factories and industrialization that employs workers that have very little or no education. Although I do think they educate the people very well, it appears that there are some really rich people in this country that have factories. It is amazing to see a factory inside a predominantly farm community and wonder why they chose the location. It is hard to see the factories, and there are very small signs that they exist. I notice the good carrier trucks on the road and wondered where they were coming from, and also the smoke stacks and the architecture of the factory buildings. There is a saw tooth construction, and a… I am not sure what you call it construction of factory roofs. They really high ones have a vent or roof vent system that is large. Like a ridge row on houses, but ten times larger and the vent is about 15-25 feet away from the peak.

Outside of this city were some smoke stacks where they dried clay bricks. I would like to visit one of the clay brick manufacturing places, but I would need a motorcycle to get there or take a taxi and the taxi driver would fight me the whole time trying to take me to the pretty stuff and not what I want to see. Don’t think for a minute that a taxi driver does not spend time steering the tourist. He makes his money by taking you to his uncle, aunt, brother or someone giving him some extra commission. That fare is just half the pay.


I was not sure, but I am pretty sure now that I am in a very Muslim city. It is about 5:30-5:45 in the morning and they are having mass prayer calls around the city. This is normally done with the assistance of loudspeaker systems strategically located in the city. Plus in the larger cities they compete or are in opposition. It is very pleasant in some countries where there is only one Mosque in the city. The sound of the litany is pleasant here in India, but in Iraq it was a very obnoxious sound due to the harshness of the Arabic language. Thailand could be very nice to hear also.

There is an indoctrination or extreme ritual with the Muslim and Catholic, Buddhist faiths that to me causes a lot of people from fear, shame, or coercion to feel a need or compulsion bridging on obsession to obey.

The clothes in most countries indicated the religion and are like motorcycle clubs or gangs wearing their colors. If you are not a member of the correct club or gang it could be a problem.

I have left the State of Goa, which was influenced by the Portuguese to be Christian to the State of Karnataka that I am not sure. It is a lot larger and the Encyclopedia does not make it clear on the religion or religions of the region.

Bill Gates of Microsoft and Sun Systems have set up large computer industries in Bangalore and Hyberdad. This is probably one of the greatest ways or best ways in my opinion to fight terrorist and win in the long run. In the short run they will increase, but religions need to secularize or stop wearing their colors and fighting with each other. The business world creates a different style, fashion, or dress code and abolishes the obeying of dress codes of religions.

Some would say this is bad, but business people do not normally go round killing each their workers and their clients, or potential customers, while religions do kill anyone that does not agree. It would make sense that the opposite is true, but in reality the religions kill more people then the business. Now sometimes the business, especially a few hundred years ago utilized the religious to create profit. This was a lot of a reason for the crusades.

Terrorism to me is similar to the French not wanting to talk English. The French know they are in a losing battle and will eventually all speak English in a few hundred years. The Muslim religion is having compatibility problems with the modern world of televisions and in the end will probably become a dead religion. Both are fighting back to retain their control. I do NOT think that all religions should exist and I do not think that a language must exist. Cultures will change and that is guaranteed. I do hope that people stop using cigarettes; it is part of the cultures of the world and should end, not by force but by people slowly learning they are killing themselves.

DHARVAD INDIA - Friday Morning

Woke up this morning wishing the stereotypes about countries were closer to reality. They would portray India as being very hot, but this morning it is very cold. I am very happy I purchased a sweatshirt in England of good quality; it is really needed in the mornings or very late at night. But this is winter for the Northern Hemisphere and I am in the Northern Hemisphere.


I arrived about 1:30 in the afternoon. It seem to have taken me about 7 hours to go 75 miles. Now that is slow moving. This is about the same type of speed as Guatemala. But I had a lot of connections to make to arrive here.

I saw everything along the way. Rice, cows, water buffalos, goats, farmers, people living in teepees. The number of single axel dump trucks was astounding. There was very few cars or motorcycles after we cleared the city, but the trucks were everywhere.

The people on the bus were nice and polite and helpful. No problems at all, and I think that most traveler just take the normal tourist bus, so everyone is quite excited to see me. I am starting to learn the way that travelers move from place to place and it is very predictable and a track more or less.

I did not take many photos because there was a guy between the window and he and me did not help. But I am sure I will get a lot soon of the countryside.

I left Goa State and entered Karnataka. As you travel from Goa to Karnataka you climb the mountains, then after you cross the border between the two states it become level or you start to go down. At the border they checked the bus, and it was similar to leaving a country. They had something called excise police. They grabbed a couple of boys that looked like they were smuggling whiskey, but I am not sure, they also have water in Whiskey bottles. Plus upon arriving in Dharvad they also sell whiskey here, so I am not clear on the problem.


It is nice to decide to leave. I have been very indecisive and now I am comforted by the thought of leaving and finding new places. This is difficult to do sometimes because I get into a comfort zone where I am safe, secure and know the territory. That makes life easier on one side, but often boring on the other. It is a compromise between boredom and security. I am not talking about safety. I am in a very safe country for the most part, but the security of knowing what to expect on a day-to-day basis.

But in the security of know the routine is the boredom. I have better watch my complaints though on trains or the Hoboes of the world may go on an attack. There is a conceptual idea that trains only travel by train.

I will leave today by bus from Benaulium Beach to Margoa. This will take about 20 minutes, upon arriving I will go get some money from the ATM and then I am off to what I think is Ponda. I am going to go check that. Yep, I am going to Ponda.

How this will work? I will go to Margoa, which I already know how to do and understand. There is a small bus stop just off the garden. I will walk around in there with my backpack on, and all the touts or hawkers that want to sell bus ticket will descend on me. I will say the word,


That may or may not understand that word. The may mean nothing to them and if it is not the place they are selling a ticket for, they will just try to convince me that is the place I should go. They will not really be selling tickets, this is a local bus, and they just take the money on the bus.

But maybe I will find the right bus. There are 3 locations in the center of Margoa to catch a bus. There is suppose to be another one north of the city, but they will probably put me on a bus toward there if that is the way I should go to go to Ponda.

The big problem in this whole mess is that they may try to point me to a train or something. The also will think in terms of a specific city. They may think that “Londa” is the place that you go, and even though “Ponda” is on the way, they will not put 2 and 2 together and say that I need to get on the “Londa” bus. In the end if I can get their brain to connect, I will find the right bus. The ticket hawkers in the entire world are sort of brain dead, they only hear or can think about city they are saying, and I must say it correctly or they do not understand.

But the great part about this is one I start to go east out of Margoa by bus, and then east is the only way to go by road. The road leading to the state of Karnataka is a big road and I will be able to keep on that road easily… I hope.

I have just drawn a paper map. I would use my guidebook map, but that has too many cities and information on it, and that is too confusing for them, they would take hours to just look at the colors of the map. I have maybe what you would call a stick map, or a line and dot map. It is much better to show a ticket vendor then a full on color map with all the highways and such. They probably have never seen one and this just confuses them and gets them all excited. They have seen maps, but they really only know Margoa and they would like to look at the map of all the state and the country and everything. But their world only exists in terms of Margoa, so why would I confuse them and show them the rest of the country or world. Plus I am trying to get on a bus, and that is my goal, not to try to teach them Geography.

The key to travel is to find what word is their hot word.

The words that could be the hot word here are…

“Ponda” = the next bigger city I would go to…

Or maybe Karnataka = this is the state I am heading towards. The problem is I could go south and find the state also.

I could say “East” but I have never found the North - East - South or West directions to be of any help.

I need to find the correct word. So I will say them all. But first Ponda and maybe Londa. If I get really worried I will show them the map. But I will for sure show the map after the guy says I am on the right bus, this will be to reassert that he knows where I am going. If I can get him with the big plan he will maybe help me to get on the next bus.

So far the India people are as about as helpful as rocks in this type of thing. They do not connect their brains up fast. The think of money and this is a problem, because they also consider any or bad, or just talking to be worth money. The act of helping is worth money even if they took me to the wrong place. I do not pay people for talking. I will give a tip or bribe, or baksheesh or whatever you wish to call it if the person can turn on the brain switch and really think. This is not common in the world. Most people think about what they are thinking about and do not think about what I am thinking about, even though it would help them to sell a ticket to me.

So I am going to pack now and leave. Bye - It is 6:25 here in the morning, by the time I get done, the sun will be up and they may actually have buses to Margoa. It is difficult to be sure.