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I HAVE DECIDE - I go to Benalium Beach

Sitting here and working or typing on my computer I have finally got in touch with what I really want to do. I want to go see what is happening in Benalium Beach. I seem to in the back of my mind have some unfinished business or something I wish to do in Margao and do not want to jump too far away from this city.

I suppose you think I should go be a tourist and that is fine, but I am not a tourist. I am a traveler that goes to different places and stay around and lives, although I do a lot of tourist things, that is not my goal, my goal is to enjoy the day doing what is fun to me and to have a nice life. Looking at thing of beauty or history is fun, but not always that exciting. Sort of looking at home movies. After about a half hour you have had enough. The same is for tourist attractions, in can only look at things for a half hour and then I am kaput. But do realize that looking a culture is time consuming in itself. To just watch the people of India walk down the street is amusement park of thrills and chills. I am in a skuzzy part of the city and there are a lot of characters around. I have to be careful I keep my brain in balance and do not stupidly think this is the normal life. I am in living in an area that is maybe only 20 percent of the city. Not very normal in many ways, but it is normal for this part of the city. It is very easy to go see the skuzzy part of a life, but to find out how a good respectable person lives is extremely difficult. You cannot just walk down the street and look into their window. You have to be invited. They are respectable.

Note on the Hindu or temple thing. I have no understanding still of this Hindu religion or all the temples and archeology stuff of India. I am still researching and trying to learn. Not much fun looking at stuff when you have no idea why it is significant. In the end you go away saying,

“That was nice.”


I was talking with a woman the other day next to a large India business. She is the executive secretary for the head of what appears to be a very large business here in India. I think she was transferred here from Bombay or Mumbai as they wish us to call it.

But I asked her,

“I want to be fair, and I am trying to pay a boy. Well, he is not a boy, he is 24 years old, but appears awfully young to me. But back to the point, I want to pay him to do computer work. What is a fair wage for helping on my page?”

She said,

“I cannot tell you per day or per hour, but I can tell you per month. A good worker of this type would get 3500 Bucks per month.”

She then changed the word to Rupees, because they call a Rupee a buck here also. I then went over this price about 5 more minutes to be positive she said this amount of money. I think this is for a 6-day workweek also, but I forgot to ask her about that, although she is working 6 days. I asked another guy how much a few weeks earlier and he said 200 Rupees per day.

So I would guess that a fair wage for a computer programmer is starting is between 3500 and 5160 Rupee per month.

The 200 Rupees represents the 5160 number I cam up with. The boy said he wanted 500 Rupees and this is fair to me providing he does the work.

Let put that in to perspective, I will convert this to U.S. Dollars. The Euro is almost the same, so just think of it as the same.

3500 = 80.45 Dollars USA

5160 = 118.62

200 = 4.59

140 = 3.21

So if I paid him 500 Rupees a day. I would be paying right around double the normal wages to triple.

11.49 Per DAY

Now that is what I had to pay a worker per hour in the USA to just get them to show up, and they did not show up good for that amount.

It is not hard to understand why they are exporting or sending business to India. I know these sounds cheap, and it is, but there are a lot of miscellaneous costs involved here that should be thought about. I cannot talk to him the same as I can a person from the USA. They also have a quality concept that is different. The cost of dealing with another culture will at least double the time it takes to do this job.

But a lot of brilliance is more about perspiration and not brains. So I am looking for time spent on this project thinking. I believe that mentally the India people are just or somewhat the same in innate mathematical powers as the USA person. There is a difference, because all breeds of animals are different and have different aptitudes. We are not all the same. But thinking, planning, and considering all the possible problems is a computer. I am making what they or I think they are calling a “Vortal.” A Portal is like where it is everything to everyone. I am making a “Vortal” of travel. This is similar to but only has to do with travel. Now in some ways it would be easier to have a Portal because I can include everything. In a Vortal I must somehow draw the lines or explain the relationships of ideas.

Like how does mobile or cellular phones relate to travel? Do I put them under communication or do I put them under gear? Is there a need? Yes there is a need, especially when we talk about Satellite telephones, but the lines all get fuzzy and the person doing the submitting has one goal and that it to convince that that company is special and provides some “World Class” service that really is needed by every travelers. The problem is 90 percent are lying. So how do I create a way to cull out the liars from the good pages quickly? How do I keep the serious and helpful people away from the spammers and slammers that wish to overwhelm with hyperbole and marketing slogans.

There is a way I believe and that is one of my projects here in India. To get the page up to third generation level.

I suppose I really do not know how many generations my webpage will have. I would think just a hotel webpage would be a first generation, and when the page is in someway interactive it would be second generation, and when I can by AUTOMATION not by manual labor delete, manage, and control the information it will be third generation.

Fourth would be when the categories grow independently of me.

I just went and put that into my collection of thoughts on my page. So here it is again maybe more clearly.

FIRST GENERATION - A business card type webpage.

SECOND GENERATION - Interactive a person looking at page can submit information.

THIRD GENERATION - I can by AUTOMATION not by manual labor delete, manage, and control the information.

FOURTH GENERATION - When the categories grow independently of me.


I am leaving my room today. I am trying to decide on whether to go to Benaulium or Garkarna. I have even considered Anjuna one of the famous party beaches. It would be nice to be in the center of the state of Goa near Panjim or Old Goa so I could see more Portuguese architecture