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2003-12-13 22:34:00

I have decided to stay one more night in Hubli. I suppose this is an Internet decision because I have found a combination of computer, Internet, and access speed that I need. Plus the Fried Rice is very good in the Hotel here for 10 Rupees.


That is true, but the effect is different then reality. India has in larger cities broadband or very fast access to the Internet. But this doe not mean a lot when they share it with 20 plus computers and by the time you are done it is the same speed as a normal dial up. What I do have is a window of 1 hour when the Internet café’s just open that I have the use of broadband. Especially when the Internet café opens at 9:00 and not 10:00. Indian people remind me in so many ways of Mexicans, they are sort of slower on the draw, but once they do draw their gun, they can shoot a lot during the day.

The Mexican culture does not get up very early, but move a lot during the morning from about 10-12. They take a siesta or do nothing from about 1-4:00 and then they are busy until about 9:00 at night. This is the same as the Indian culture. This includes the Siesta. I have no idea what they call it here, but they have a time between 1 and 4:00 in the afternoon where nothing happens, or the city business’s close and very little happens. Just not the time to do anything needed. But either is 9:00 the morning, because nothing has opened fully. If you wait until 10:00 most of the stores are open and you have a wind of time between 10 and 12 where you’re most likely to find or be able to accomplish something.

The Internet opens at 9:00 here.

What that mean is I have from 9:00 till 10:00 this morning where the average Joe Blow is sleeping, and the Internet should or may be empty. I have that broadband line to myself more or less. It is Sunday and normally that optimized my chances also.

I am going on my instinct that the owner or manager of the Internet Café shows up for work, this seems likely and my chances are good.

What is going on Andy? I have been working on cleaning up my web pages or sites. I have a few different domain names, and such and they are all relate. But I have one that has a lot of photos on this site and is suppose to be an online guidebook. It is NOT an online guidebook presently, but it is full of lots of pictures and I have a lot of links in older newsletters that link to this site. This site has been down for about 8 months, and I have finally got it back up and almost fully repaired or functional.

So what is going on is that I want to finish my job here and get this page up to snuff. At least up to a level where I can just make small alterations. But what does this have with me staying in Hubli?

I get a lot of emails from people that act like India is some form of Internet Mecca. It so far for me is a cluster F@#$. I have nothing that function. There is always 80 percent of the pie and someone has stolen 2 pieces of the pie. That means that any system or operation or project is only 80 percent completed. I have learned that 80 percent is 0 percent. It is either done or not done. I do not fool around with working on my daily missions or projects. I like to finish them or not think about them. I nick a lot of small projects all the time, but some just need to be complete. I am pretty sure that all of India is like this, and USA companies or British Companies basically runs the Internet companies here. What I am saying is that the management of companies is Western and has the last 2 pieces of the pie and will force the culture to finish or put back the last to pieces of the pie.

The India culture is very good, but they need to wrap it a little tighter to compete with the USA or Europe. But this means a whole culture has to change and that will take 100 years. So they have started. I would suppose you would say they are developing… hehehe. I laugh at these words because they are in so many ways jokes. They want to label situations and all they do for most people is confuse them. It is too evident that readers or the world thinks that India has a developed computer industry. This is not true, but it is developing at a higher level then most underdeveloped countries, but mainly because their default language is English for business. I do think they have higher than normal levels of math skills also.

But a culture develops as a whole, or the average level slowly increases together and individuals who are way above average lead this. India has a lot of way above average individuals, but that does not exclude that they have lived in India all their lives and have the basic get to work at 10:00 mentality of leave out 2 pieces of the pie.

So why Hubli?

1. I need or want broadband because I am publishing 40 Megs of information.

2. I have this on a CD Rom disk.

3. I want a computer that is relatively free of viruses.

I have seen hundreds of computers in Internet cafes.

I have only seen 2 computers that have all this in one spot.

One in Margoa and one now in Hubli. I do not know when I will see the combination together again, so to I should make hay while the sun is shining. But the one in Margoa is not good, so in reality I have only seen one computer in all of India that has Broadband, a CD Rom player, and is free of Virus out of hundreds of computer.


So I have a window of time where I can do this quickly. I can get it done pretty slowly in other cafes. The trade off is I can spend another day in Hubli and publish and get this done, or I can nickel-dime it for the next 3 weeks and be frustrated. So I will try to finish this project today in one hour and be done.

Life is like this project in so many ways. I have started so many things in my life and I have really accomplished so little. Sometime I have made a lot of money, but I did not accomplish much for the money. There is no correlation between making lots of money and accomplishments. You can earn a lot of money and the person that is really finishing everything is the boss. He is the one that make is all come together and you may just be the high paid employee that is working on his or her pie. You are just working on a piece of the pie, and if you do not get it done then they send in more workers to help you.

I pay attention to people that write complete books. Not people that start books, which does not mean anything. Finishing a book is a project that takes a long time and lots of diligence. It is an accomplishment worthy of my admiration. Even if it is a crappy book, to have finish and publish a book is an accomplishment way beyond the normal human.

But in the end money is more important to a family than accomplishments. But an accomplishment is important to good self-esteem or self worth and makes a persons life worth the effort, and will give people a sense of pride. So if you can accomplish something and make a lot of money. Hey, now you got something going on!

I think most people think of me as on an endless vacation. This is true, but I am also on an endless journey to make my web page grow so I can be on this endless vacation forever. When I get it big enough and can sell enough, I will be able to relax and enjoy life at just one notch higher. What this means for me is when the waiter ask me if I would like a Coke yesterday, instead of saying no, I would have said yes. That is all the difference there will be. I can splurge on a 5 Rupee Coke and have no guilt.

I have guilt because I do not want the money to run out and the more I spend the faster it is gone.


This is a big phrase that really means very little to me. A budget traveler has X amount of money in their pocket and spends it all. I do not see many people on a budget that is real.

Good travelers will say to themselves,

“I am going to spend X amount per day and it will last for this many days.”

So I say to myself, I will spend 15 dollars a day and it will last for 365 days and I will spend 5475 dollars in a year. But the truth is this is not the case, I spend less than that on a daily basis. I am probably spending as best I can calculate about 6 dollars a day in India. But I may have been spending 15 dollars a day in England. All countries force me to spend money, but some extract more than others.

What I am looking for in travel is a comfort level, and when I get in a situation that is just a little too low for comfort, I pay a little more and raise the level a notch. My tips, research, or the studying I do on a daily basis is how to travel very cheap, but in lots of comfort. All my tips are about comfort that is achieve easily, by doing something effectively and easily. A tip is when you do it the easiest way.