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HAMPI BIKE RIDE - Monday Morning

2003-12-28 23:28:00

HAMPI BIKE RIDE - Monday Morning

I took off on my rented bike yesterday and quickly discovered that the direction I was traveling that bikes were not allowed. So the bike was of little use yesterday, but it was a nice ride anyway. I am sort of doing a North / South / East / West Tour of Hampi. I am going different directions and find all the possible places to visit. The small map sold to me by the boys in the street is very bad and the map is terrible. There is definitely a need for a better map with landmarks to help me know the road or turns. There is a small difference sometimes here between a path and a road.

I was lucky and ran into a guy that was selling books on Hampi. There were 4 very good books of reference and information. Mostly a somewhat ad hoc history of Hampi, but they had lots of photos and if I was going to the perfect job it would work to have these books. But they were being sold at USA price levels and I could live in India for a month on the money.

I did find out some information that may help me. I discovered that there is an archeology office or something with scaled down model of the Hampi site. The one book had a lot of photos of this model. If I could go take photos of this model it could really help to visit the locations.

I think the guides and rickshaw drivers interfere to stop travelers from knowing any good information so they must hire a guide. If I was here for 1 or 2 days only I think that would be the best way.

Note that someone has ripped the page on Hampi out of my Footprints guidebook so who know what it said on that page?

I do not drive myself crazy with this information and I am positive that 90 percent of the travelers see less than me. I am very good at researching and learning, and most just one the main attractions to say they was there. In the end it is important that a person do exactly what they do, and not worry, because the world is really big and the conversation at home about Hampi would probably be less than one minute. I do not hold to the belief that I must learn everything or there is value in learning trivial stuff. I learn for fun, and when it is not fun, I do not learn.

I do the same on books; I read for fun, if the book is not fun I will not read it. I am too old for reading books that are lots of work. I trade one of them intellectual books yesterday for a book that was recommended for me to read called,

“Are You Experienced?” by William Sutcliffe

This book is like a traveler inside view of the funny or maybe stupid things that happen in India. I have not read the book yet, so only the future will tell. I started a little and it looks go though.


Maybe some of you have looked that page made by the techie from Margoa and have some ideas, I have been thinking a lot about the page because I want improvements on HoboTraveler.com to take place, but the more I think about it I have to remember why I started to talking to him. I wanted some filters on the submission in PHP and not a new design for the page.

But I need some help with visitmosul.org and he is right on target for that site, plus I already have a 10 dollar donation for them and that would about pay for him to do the site or at least get a good start. I can see if I can convince him to coincide my goals with his goals… hehehe.

But what he designed is a perfect format of visitmosul.org so I think I will focus him on that and see if he can place a forum, chat, and submission on that site, plus that is the site he already is using to test. I did not allow him access to Hobo. That is like committing suicide with most Techies. They just love to reinvent the wheel and forget that my page is already on the right path. I do not need new wheels; I just want some of them polished.

Radical changes in anything big can be dramatic. This is the essence of why the American Constitution works, it is impossible to change quickly. But like the constitution I do not like to fix what is working, but I do like some of his ideas.

I tend to copy the big boys. I love the pull-down links, but Yahoo and not of the big sites use them, so why would I until I know why…

Flash is for the silly boys as best I can tell. I am thinking that some map sites can use this, but for the most part a FLASH in the pan.

So maybe I can harvest some good work from him and get further toward some other goals, and maybe I can steer him back towards my primary goal of filters on Hobo.


I left the room and went to the toilet. Upon closing the door, dumping a bucket down the toilet and looking around I spotted a dog on the grass roof or palm frond roof of a large building. Here is this dog on the very peak of the building. I am in my beach towel and do not have a camera. My brain slowly connects as the dog walks over to a pole that came out of the roof, raises its leg and urinates. Now lets see…?

Where does urine go that performed on the roof a grass hut?

I had a cat come through my ceiling in Peru and I have been careful every since on animals and ceiling of grass.

Why is a dog on the roof a house? People put dogs on roof or allow dogs to roam on roofs of house for protection. There was an adjoining concrete roof and I think the dog just jumped over to roam around. The rooftops are like Mary Poppins and you could jump from roof to roof to roof. I would skip the grass roofs though.

I have walked by many a roof where suddenly the dog came running by and scare me to death. It comes over to the edge and start barking right above your head. There are lots of dogs in India and windows with bars. That means to me there is sufficient crime to warrant these types of protections. Note that in Europe they all have bars on the windows also, but they just have a problem with the feces of dogs there.

I was not able to get the photo of the dog fast enough, and there was a Monkey rooting around in the trashcan also, so I took a photo the Monkey.

BIKE TOURS TODAY - Sunday morning.

26 Square Kilometers of ruins is a lot. A direct bike ride to the edge of my world is probably about 6 kilometers, so today I take off I hope on a 12 kilometer round trip bike ride. I will try to log in this site with photos. I was reading in the English papers here in India that UNESCO was going to visit Hampi soon. I suppose they will make it a site and try to protect it. I vacillate on this place, because it is very beautiful with the water, rocks, and mix of ruins and building, and a great place for rest and relaxation, but the site is really from the 1400’s to the present and not old. But a lot of UNESCO sites are not old, so that is in line with them.

I do not try to take comprehensive photos of places like “Buckingham Palace” and all the extremely visited destinations, but Hampi is noteworthy and there does not appear to be many good photos out there on the net so I will give an abundance I hope. I say I hope, because the world change and some days I lose interest. Hard to want to document by photos a place. It takes a lot of time and is not fun. But it does help the traffic on my site, especially when I do the obscure place that the historians and archeologist are researching.

TOP 10 -- WORKING - Sunday Morning

I have been putting out a top 10 webpage for the year X for I think 3 years now and this is becoming both easier and more difficult. In some ways I am totally connected, and in other ways I am lost. I know a lot about what the actual traveler are saying, but the researchers or compilers of information know a lot that I do not know.

For instance they could sit around at home and research Hampi a lot better than I could here in Hampi. They would have the Internet, the library, and multiple reference sources available, like say the old newspapers and such. I have a lot of kids trying to sell brochure and postcards extremely available. (They ask me to buy every 10th step.)

I am slowly getting more reader participation and this is very helpful. It is just wonderful how often readers I giving me the heads up on great sites or places to visit. Chris in Idaho is an incredible help, but the casual emails keep me on track when I am off track on very specific issues.

So working on this Top 10 page today has been taxing. I try to get gut level honest and say what page I use, and not what would sound good. I am always popping in on google.com and I put that in the top ten this year, as I had to be honest with myself. I still like newsletters a source of information, but they have become a pain as they constantly point me towards links or page and that is NOT in the letter. This is the reason my letters are large. I want the person to be able to download in some real expensive Internet country and have something to read besides links. How would you like a newspaper that sent you to the library? And did not give you the “News.”

This is a trend in Internet newsletter and is a bad assumption that the world has access 24/7. Only the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand and a very few others are that connected. The rest of the world is paying a lot. So downloading and reading offline is the best method. I have less and less newsletters to read because there is NO news in the letter and I unsubscribe. I have lots of people want me to go to HTML letter, but when I stop receiving scramble HTML letters in my downloaded Foxmail email client I will think about, but until then, I will stay with the text that works anywhere in the world.

I think my mirrors on Yahoogroups.com are HTML and they come in scramble to me. What a drag… But the majority of my readers are on Topica.com and this is better. I constantly try to answer to myself,

“Do I want to have the text wrapped?”

Not a big problem, and I have consistently ignored this checkbox in Yahoogroups for a year. They are asking me if I want them to wrap the text. I am not sure what they mean, so I just ignore. A default is always better than a stupid guess.

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