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2003-12-22 23:24:00

The one girl that lives in the room is from Indianapolis, Indiana and goes to Dartmouth. She is studying Economics and is very naïve as would be expected of a person from Indiana and only 18 years old.

I made a comment that the India people have impressed me with their genetically determined innate ability to perform math functions. I said this specific skill is much better than the Latinos. She fumbled around and I know she was obstructed mentally because of the need to be politically correct, as opposed to factually correct.

I said,

“Not all animals are the same.”

She said,

“Are we 2 animals?”

She had to leave and we were not able to finish at this point. But she is intellectually prejudice in her mind to the idea that the human is an animal and that there is differences or various breeds of the human animal. But this is the nature of the political correct view of the world, we must ignore and I agree from a legal point of view, we must for the most ignore different levels of ability, and all people are legally the same, but if people think that all people are the same they are nuts. There are people smarter than others as there are breeds of dogs that are better adapted to do certain functions better than other dogs.

I was thinking,

“Hmmm.. Dartmouth and even that very famous school and the distinction of animal versus human are still a problem.”

Intellectually or mentally I am always amazed at the low level of function of human intelligence. The logical ability of people is obstructed and stopped often by social belief structures that force them to override the proper logical deduction, induction, abstraction or any way you turn the mental coin.

To be clear…. We are animals. We have various breeds of animals within our class of animal. I am also positive that I am using the wrong terms or word because I do not know the jargon within this realm of study, and I probably do not care… hehehe

ROOM OK - Tuesday Morning

There has move maybe 10 people into the room next to me, I am surrounded by 5 on one side and 5 on the other and the noise level is 10 times louder. I asked them when they was leaving and they have said tomorrow, so being that they are quite educated I will remain in this hotel. If they were to stay here for more time I would move out and find another hotel. They are making more or less normal levels of noise for a group of 10 although this place is made for no more than 6 and there are now about 12. So the noise level is at least twice of what would be comfortable. Actually 6 would be crowded. These rooms are best for one person or love relationship.

START TO LOOK AT HAMPI - Tuesday Morning

I am going to start to look at Hampi today, I have read the books, I know the path and I can start to log in the photos and understand the place enough to record this site well.


I am in a wonderful room, but…. The owner of the place has rented a room next to me for 6 people. They make INDIA bodily noised all the time and have no respect for other people living in the place. This is common of all cultures in a group. But I do not believe the India culture has ever had a quiet moment in their lives and do not understand that type of custom to allow their neighbors a quiet moment. As I am typing they are screaming back and forth in the room adjacent.

I know some of you may think I just chose the wrong room. But in the end I must find the hotel that does not allow the India people to live in their hotel. This is by USA laws illegal. Hard for me to want to promote this idea, but in the end that could be my solution or choice in moving. This is the same problem in the USA when the retirement homes want to have a place where children are not allowed. There are some real problems in laws and can be abusive from both sides.

I would not possible to live in India without hear the clearing of throats and spitting. This is a worldwide problem, and as you walk down the street in India that is minor, the shitting in the street is common also, so the spitting is the minor thing. It is not as common though to be really obnoxious, more just an annoyance.

I am always looking for the highest level of paradise. So I try to make some rules in my head to help me evaluate and avoid problems. I do not really mind this that much, but in this situation I may be here for another 10 days so it may behoove me to move. I do know one really nice room in the Shanti Hotel for 80 rupees. It is more or less always full with travelers. It has about 20 Rooms and that scares away the locals from living with that many foreigners. I am in a hotel with 3 rooms and the owner lives below. When he gets a good offer from India people he rents the rooms and he should, but the idea of having 6 people in a one-room place is not my idea of paradise.


A person has been cleaning my clothes for the last week. I have given her all my clothes more or less and have paid 5 Rupees per piece. She suddenly on the last 5 pieces after she was completed wanted 10 Rupees per piece. I paid her and told her no more clothes. This is so common in underdeveloped countries as there is little honor in a deal, and only held by force by the fact of who has the money. Although I did pay her the price and allowed her the money, I will withdraw all friendship and future business. Strangely as it seems, I see this person daily for a lot of reasons. There is a belief that the poorer people are treating people fairly and the rich are treating them unfair. The truth is both are doing the same in the underdeveloped countries. By the force of law and culture the developed countries had accepted for the most part to honor most deals, and a legal contract has force.