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Life is simple here on the beach. Not enough bikinis for me, but that is ok. The season is starting here in Goa, so the Air Charters, the travelers, and the tourist are in migration to the beach. The locals are building new huts. There has been 3 new patio type beach restaurants areas constructed since I arrived. I am pretty sure all these beach structure get washed away during monsoon and the have to build them new every year.

A few expatriates or seasonal visitors to the beach say there is less then a year left on this beach before the tourist own it. I am in agreement. The herd has arrived and this beach will have little drinks with umbrellas in them soon. The aging hippies will move on down.

Very interesting to meet so many old hippies. Like a living history of radical culture. I can sit around and listen to stories about what and who did what 20 years ago. I am not sure I want to be one of these people that has never given up. They are sort of stuck on channel 1960 and have not moved on… I suppose that was a good channel. I am too young for most of the noise, but am still on the fringe of the information curve.

I titled this a well done lobster. I am getting really good brown tan. Cut a few pounds and I will be some real competition for them younger bulls that want to rule. I hate when they try to make me behave. Still in the game, but slowing the pace. I needed to regenerate my mental strength or get the nerve back after using up all my resources in the last few month in Iraq and other mentally taxing situations. Nice to just free float. No worries.

I am happy to say “Life is good.” I like the ring. Make me know that I should be grateful.



Tuesday… The day after Monday.. This is the target day for my newsletter. I have finally got the last Europe one out and about. What a relief to be out of Europe and back in the my proper element. Life is good. But for you people that want some London action. Here is the current newsletter complete with photos and a tip on fitted sheets.