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i downloaded from the internet in Margao yesterday.

The 3.5 disk had a virus. I am not presently able to update my Norton Anti-virus because I never have a connection. I am going to work on a USB to USB connection for inside the internet cafes.

Usually the internet cafes are paranoid about viruses and this helps me.


The beggars have come out in force in the area of Margao where I am staying. A beggar will hang around in a city before they will hang around outside in the countryside. I do not know why beggars want to live in a city, unless it is for friendship of other beggars.

Funny little kid came along yesterday. I was walking and do not give money to beggars unless they are more or less missing body parts. I will share my food or a piece of my food if I am eating something. I do not think anyone in the world should be really hungry, not that I think most beggars are hungry, but some are. But this little boy kept pointing at his mouth, like he wanted food, so I went over to a stand where they had bread, bought 2 pieces for 2 rupees. Place the 2 pieces of bread in his hands and left. He looked at me as if to say, I do not want food, I want money. I would not have given him money under any condition here, there would be 20 children following me all the time.

I consider the very poor of a country the responsibility of the state and if I give money, then it enables the country to avoid its responsibility.


I am down by the railway station. At least that is what I believe, I still have not seen the actual station, although I have seen the tracks. There are lots of people laying around, and looking “Beat” as Jack Kerouac would have said.

There is a siesta time here in India and around noon till four they close up shops and stop work. It is probably a different times but I have not clarified yet, but I do know between those times activity drops to almost nil.


I was told about the covered market here in Margao. I am going to go check in my new, slightly used 2002 version of the Footprints guide to India and see if they talk about it?

Nope, lots of talk about churches and a few house owned by the Portuguese.

Let us see what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say?

“also called Margao, town, west-central Goa state, western India. Madgaon is situated on the railway that extends from Marmagao port to Castle Rock in Karnataka state. The third largest city in Goa, it gained importance with the development of Marmagao port, the best harbour between Bombay and Cochin. An industrial estate just outside the city, a cold-storage plant for fish, and a large agricultural-produce market have strengthened its economic position. The city is not far from Colva, considered one of India's most beautiful beaches. Pop. (1981) town, 53,076; metropolitan area, 64,858.”

Madgaon - Margoa - Margao

There are three ways to spell the name of the city.

I like to get the interpretation of the encyclopedia because it puts a well rounded touch on the city. But I do recommend you have a guidebook, it is needed very much for the rooms and transportation. I am not familiar with the footprints way of writing and style and this was one of the precipitating reason I found and bought the footprints. I wanted a change from the Lonely Planet thought process which I find to be like a bunch of dread heads that want to burn their draft card, but do not have one because they never registered. I am not happy with the Lonely Planets opinions research and historical perspective. Although I have to say that each writer for each country has a different slant and style. Each country has the guidebook that is maybe the best in its brand or publisher. I am saying that you cannot just buy one name of guidebook and get the whole picture. It would actually be best to have them all, but that would be a little ridiculous also. For me I really do not care after a certain point and just want to sit back and enjoy the country. All the various “spoofed” ideas of the guidebook and other travelers are not the reason I travel. I travel to meet the people and the to learn the culture. To get inside their minds and to know how they think. Of course that is not possible but that is the goal.


They have states like Goa.

India then may break it up into “Districts.”

India then may break up a district into a “Taluka”

I tried to use the word or not a word I wanted to use spoofie.

It is not in the dictionary and either is Taluka.

I would equate it to a county in the USA.


Hmm? Would I recommend you read it? Probably not, but then again if you want to learn history of drug, jazz, and beatniks. Yes.

“Beatniks: a person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing and behaving unconventionally) and indulges in exotic philosophizing and self-expression.”

Encyclopedia Britannica

I wonder if I could just say that all definitions are from there? I suppose I could put a little number next to the word or phrase like a footnote and send a link that way, but who knows?

I know I can quote them the way I do