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2003-11-09 03:01:00

I am thinking about walking with Gabe the old hippie and a group to see the sea turtles. They moved the walking date out a few days. So I can probably join them with no problem. Gabe is unbelievable intelligent for his age, and his history. Someone should write a story about his life.

Last night he was telling about his journey by land from London to India. How life was in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran and the complete trip. He explains all this in a completely unassuming manner and with no sense or pride in his accomplishments. To him I think he just thinks it as a few drug addicts crossing countries to get to they place they want to go in the cheapest way possible. But in the end, he still did the trip, and remembers the trip. It is an accomplishment whether with or without the drugs. He is an amazing man.

But he is going to be the Turtle Guide. Take everyone to see the turtles. I do not think he realizes he is the guide and that all the travelers have naturally made him the guide. But as far as explaining India he has more experience then any book reading guide could every have. But ooops Gabe is also a book-reading guide. I think, and this is just my opinion. But he probably learned to like to read in Prison in Germany. He wanted to exchange books with me. I have known a few friends that have learned to read in prison and then are addicted to reading. Gabe says he has to have a good book.


Today I move up closer to the beach. I will probably be in a room half the size of the room I presently have, but will have a western toilet, and a normal showerhead type shower. Plus the walk will be concrete. What at this is about is convenience. I am moving for a little more conveniences, not very many, but just enough to get over the edge of discomfort. Palolem beach would probably be uncomfortable for 80 percent of the population. This is an ideal place for people that want to sit around and drink, and do drugs.

I don’t do this, but it is also a perfect place for a person that wants to sit around read a book, get tan, and have a good conversation.

I think that is correct.

80 percent want it cool, and do not really care about the beach.

15 percent are looking for a safe place to drink and do drugs.

5 percent want a place that is quiet, relaxing, hot, and a perfect to lie around reading books.

The 80 percent though comes to these quiet places, and try to be happy. But difficult to be happy when you need to keep busy, and there is nothing to do. They need a job to keep them busy or they go stir crazy.

Did you know that in jail people almost fight over becoming a trustee? A trustee is a person that has the ability to walk around the prison more. But a trustee does all the work. They work and clean up after everyone and doing the jobs that outside a prison would be drudgery. A prison without jobs would be punishment.

The worst punishment you can give a person is to put them in solitary confinement. Why not reduce the prison sentences down to 25 percent of the original time, and put them all I solitary confinement. No one would every return to Prison. Prison is paradise for lots of criminals. Sitting around playing cards, and talking to people that think and act just like themselves. Hell, these guys are normally pretty ugly anyway. Not like they had much choice in women.


A beach life is paradise. Just a few more people on this beach and this would be more of a paradise. It is a little on the slow side for me. Most of the other travelers are complaining that there are too many people. So far that is not the problem, but it could become the problem. I do not normally see the quantity of travelers as being the problem, but more the quality of travelers.

Now this is paradise for me, which does not mean it would be paradise for everyone. Everyone has his or her perfect environment.

Kash wants to go to Delhi. He was saying it would be nice to wear his jacket and his hat. He says,

“You know, my uniform.”

This is honest and accurate. There is a uniform of comfort that people wear. I like to be on the beach with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. This is my perfect uniform. Kash wears socks, shoes, and long pants here and is having a mosquito problem. I think he is having a moisture, or perspiration problem. Very hard to stay crisp and clean in a somewhat humid, and hot climate.


Spelling is easy now with the spell checkers. The bigger problem is to know when to use “then” or “than” and such. The progression or evolution of grammar and spell checker is helping me to learn grammar. I am using a newer version of Microsoft Works that has almost the same spell checker as Microsoft Word.

Unfortunately my program to make webpage called FrontPage 2000 does not have this sophistication of spell checking and grammar. I try to cut and a paste into the program from Word or Works, but they have this extra code language inside the paste, that causes problem.

A little extra code can cause a burp in HTML that looks like a @$# or something. You can re#d along and when I publish it. It will lo%k like the line I just wrote. This is real taxing on the patience. It will appear correctly on my computer though. This is the cutting and pasting process from one program to another that causes the problem. The saving of this in .txt or text and pasting in seems seamless. I am not sure why, but it works good. The bottom line is that not all text files are the same when cut and pasted.