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2003-11-23 22:40:00


So yesterday I rode a bike about 16-18 kilometers. That is about 12 miles. Not a long distance on a bike but is a lot on Palolem where most people smoke cigarettes and drink all night. It is almost impossible for most of them to get both the motivation and the energy. But for non-drinker and me a non-smoker this was a walk in the park.

But it still is hard for me to understand people. They are quite amazed at this feat. I have ridden a bike up to 60 miles in one day. I suppose I could ride a bike for about 100 miles on flat land. The hills are the killers. I do not especially like to ride bike long distances, and consider it boring in most ways, but if you get on a bike it is a less strenuous exercise then running or maybe swimming.

But most people can relate to riding a bike and seem to consider it difficult task.

I can tell someone I have written 132 newsletters in 7 years of travel and they will just nod their heads. That does not seem to be an accomplishment. Often the things I do that are difficult are considered easy, and the things I do that are easy are considered difficult. It must have everything to do with the person’s frame of reference. If they have never done the activity, there is no way to compare and they just listen.

Comparison is how people analyze the world. If they cannot do the activity they really cannot compare. It is like a person complaining about the boss. They have never been the boss and probably will never be the boss, but they will complain and minimize the positions or how the boss does his work. Like he does nothing and they do everything. But how can you compare?

I tend not to think of what I am capable of doing, but to think of how long it would take me to do it. I need graphics or logos on my page. I made the one that is on my page. I did all the artwork. Now I am not an artist. It took me probably 20 hours longer to get this little hobo guy correct then an artist that has skills.

This to me is life. Almost anyone could overhaul an engine if they had unlimited time. It would just take longer for some people then other. It is like learning the computer. It takes some people a lot longer to learn and is beyond their level of tolerance for frustration. So in the end they stop because they are frustrated. They have the ability, but cannot stand the frustration.


Yesterday I rode my rented bicycle to Agonda. This beach is located about 8 Kilometers away from Palolem and is quite a trip. There is a hill that seems to go on forever, but generally the ride is very enjoyable and passes a few interesting and intriguing things along the way.

What was most interesting to me was a concrete elevated irrigation canal that was along the side of the road. It was elevated about 1 meter off the ground. The grow rice all along the road, so there is a need for a lot of water for the rice patties. Irrigation is common in most countries in one way or another. There can be lots of methods. The really interesting thing about this canal though was not the canal, but the way they went under the roads or made gates in the canal.

The water would go to a square concrete tank. It would fill the tank with water. At the bottom of the tank was a large underground culvert or duct that went under the road. Once it reached the other side there was another tank the made of the same size.

The water would enter the top of the one tank. Then equalize by going down and into the underground tank on the other side. When the level was as high as the other side it would then dump into another canal and continue flowing down hill. It was quite ingenious.


The waiter in one of the restaurants took about 5000 Rupees from the restaurant and left the beach. Just moved away or took off. He also borrowed 2000 rupees from a traveler. This is about 160 dollars U.S.

So for 160 Dollars U.S. it is enough money to get a person to steal and leave the area. He was from Delhi and not such a big problem for him. He was not a local. Gabe says this is very common. They become trusted and then they steal a lot of money and leave. I think this is about 2 or 3 months wages so in comparison it would be like a McDonalds worker stealing 3528 dollars and taking off. So this is a not a huge sum, but is still quite a bit of money.

I despised the guy the first time I met his little beady eyes. He knew I thought he was scum and we did not talk or associate. I would go to great lengths to not talk or order a drink from him.

But he was also one of the local dealers of hash. But then again most of the young guys that hang around and talk with the travelers are selling hash. So this is common.

I remember a week or so ago. I said to a person,

“Will you go ask the waiter to change the CD or music?

He does not like me.�

The person thought I was a little crazy, and asked why he did not like me. I did not answer because the person would not understand that I instinctually or intuitively thought he was a jerk and I do not talk with jerks. So in the end I was correct. I am always amazed at the value of instincts. I will listen and talk to people that I get bad vibes from, but I will not associate. If I feel them to be bad, I cannot be bothered to get to know them. Life is too short to become friend with everyone and the people that send off bad vibes are a waste of my time.

Everyone says that travel makes you more tolerant. I agree that I can tolerate a lot more because of travel, but it also makes me less tolerant of crazy things. In reality I just refuse to accept certain behavior around me and because I am a traveler I can always move away from the problem. In normal life it can be impossible to avoid a jerk. As a traveler I can very easily avoid anyone. I move away.