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2003-11-19 21:23:00

I did not get robbed, but a person down the way in the XXXX huts got robbed. I am going to call it the XXXX huts because it really does not matter. The cost the room, the owner, or any other explanation of where or what or why does not matter. It happened and could happen in any hotel in the world.

It was a toilet run theft or maybe best to say a person left their room for a short period and someone entered, stole her money and was gone before she returned.


A girl is living in a hut on legs here on Palolem Beach. The hut does not have a toilet inside the room and the person uses the communal toilet or shower. This is common for at least 80-95 percents of the rooms on this beach. I have not seen a room where the toilet is not shared. I know of one place that has a toilet inside the room. The problem is that is not important. The person left the room for some reason or any reason without locking the door. A person in this situation was watching her room and ran in and stole all her money. It was suppose to be about 2000 Dollars. This is a lot of money for a backpacker to have on them and for me ridiculous. I had close to that on me in Iraq, but then there are no banks in Iraq so I had no choice. Some of this is maybe traveler’s check. I did not talk to the person directly yet that got robbed. I will try.

She woke up at 3:00 pm and went to the toilet. When she returned the room was robbed. Now a robbery often gets blamed on the wrong thing. She may have just discovered it after returning from the toilet. Maybe she had some guy in the room earlier and he stole all her money. Then she went to the toilet and come back and for some reason checks. Blaming it on the wrong reason. Lots of thefts happen by people or men or women that some person meets and bring home with them for the night or part of the night, a casual friend of sorts visiting the room. It is better to not bring people in your room. Lot of people on a beach like this may bring people into there room to smoke drugs.

This is sort of the shoplifter method of theft. Someone is in your room visiting and snatches or nicks something. If a lot of people are always in your room then they can do this without being blamed.

Normally a person steals what they know you have, they do not steal from people with nothing. Someone for some reason probably knew she had that money in her room. So she helped them.

I have a computer. The secret is very difficult to keep secret for a long time. That is why I try to get a room that is difficult to break into or enter easily. I am in a concrete room with bars on the window. The lock mechanism or hasp to bolt the door is one of the biggest I have ever seen on any hotel room. It is great and makes me feel very safe. I have my own lock that I brought from another country and is not the cheapest on the market. Nothing bought in this country and known by people.

The only way to break into my room is to come through the roof of to literally break the door in. They would break the door into two pieces. This is not a normal type robbery. It does happen when you have an isolated room. I am in the middle of a courtyard area and my room is connected to the owner’s house. I am not isolated. This is always a problem of camping or living in a motor home or van. You can get robbed easily.

It is always a temptation to leave the door unlocked for just a short look in the mirror for me to comb my hair. I on occasion do this, but probably less then 1 percent of the time. I am gambling when I do so.

I stayed or shared a room for the first 2 nights on the beach. The huts were on the ground and not up in the air or legs. The person I shared the room with refused to lock the door and said they trusted the locals. This creates a situation where I have to leave. If I must trust the whole camp or area I will not stay in a situation. I was on the Amazon River for 18 days. I had my backpack with a computer below me for the whole time. I did not open the computer or show anyone the computer including the foreigners that were with me. I did not talk about my computer either. Because know one knew or I did not talk about the computer there was not temptation for people to steal the computer.

I would say stealing my laptop computer in this country would be like stealing 35,000 dollars in the USA. It is one year’s wage. The person that stole the money from the girl here may have gotten 1 year’s wages for the theft. This is a huge theft. It sounds small to us in a way and would only think of 35,000 dollars as being a big theft. But this is really what the person stole. They stole in our minds 35,000 dollars worth of value. A lot of people would become thieves if they thought they could steal 35,000 dollars and not get caught. Like a fellow worker leaving 35,000 dollars in the desk drawer in a large floor of cubicles.

So what is the bottom line of this story? Lock your door always when you leave.

What is the value of my computer to me? It would cost 1000 dollars to replace my computer. So to me… that means I could live in India for about 166 days on that money. That is one-half a year of living in this country for me. I spend about 6 dollars per day here. That is a lot of money to me. I live on about 5400 dollars a year. I would say that to take or say what the value of 1000 dollar is to me. I would say that it is about 15,000 dollars USA money. I would feel like I lost 15,000 dollars USA. This is mainly because I am not in the USA. I am in a country that would be very difficult for me to earn 1000 dollars. It would take maybe one half year for me to save that money working in this country. I would have to return home to earn that money. That would cost a lot.

People may think I am crazy when I say my Hobo Budget is 5400 dollars a year. But I was at the coffee club with a lot of drinkers and travelers sitting around. They spend the season here in Goa. They smoke cigarettes and are just normal people or members of the English colony of expatriate here.

One person says,

“I budget 50 pounds per week.”

All the people nodded their heads except for me.

I think in dollars, so I was translating that in my head. I was thinking. That is about 75 U.S. dollars. Let me think. I know I spend 6 dollars per day and 6 times 7 days in a week is 42 dollars. Round that up and I spend about 50 dollars per week. If I drank and smoke cigarettes I would be on the same budget as them.

So a normal expatriate on this beach lives on about 75 USA dollars a week or about 300 dollars per month. That is just for normal expenses. Lots of these guys have Enfield motorcycles and I am sure they spend more. But not on the just run of the mill food, drink and shelter. Toys and such is where they would spend extra money. They are not tourist. They do not go shopping daily for sarongs, and crazy things or trinkets.