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2003-11-15 21:07:00

I got back from the Tailors yesterday and had my new shorts with me, so of course like anyone. I had to put them on and wear them around. They are great and a lot better to walk for a few miles on the beach in then my bathing suit. I has one of them liner inside and has a lot of friction. Plus nylon is never as comfortable as cotton. I am constantly learning how cotton is the best type of clothing for travel. A pair of fast drying nylon pants is not going to keep you comfortable on a 20-hour bus trip. They will dry fast, but the comfort level is bad.

I was laughing at the new shorts. On the left side of the pocket at the seam is a black stamp.

“100 Percent Cotton”

This is so typical of the developing countries. They do every thing good up to the last 5 percent and just have trouble putting the icing on the cake. I did not negotiate on price at all and paid 130 Rupees for these shorts. I probably could get an off the shelf pair here for 100 Rupees or less of similar quality. What I cannot do is pick out the type of pockets, the length I wanted and the color as well. So this is closer to my ideal shorts then off the rack. I can probably go back again and get even closer to the ideal. Plus it help me to keep my mind in a creative phase and not a boredom phase. I am trying to RE Create … “Recreation”

I am happy so far with the pants. I hand washed them last night and took out that starchy new material conditioning. I am hoping they are not too soft when they dry. They are 100 percent cotton and a think type material. Choosing the materials he is the difficult thing.

I dwell or muse on how to do certain things when I travel. People will say very matter of fact.

“You know that this area of is where all the clothe in X are made.”

I always wonder if they know that or they are just repeating what other say. There are lots of comments around here about the “Gap” store or that there is a place in India that manufactures “Gap” clothing. The never get real specific. I wish they would on things like that, or really I wish I thought the really knew. I wished they had done extremely good research and could tell me the exact city, and address.

I visited the Swiss Knife factory while in Switzerland. This type of trip is fun. I remember visiting the Kellogg Cereal Factory when I was real young. I like to see how people work and what they work at, and it is especially fun when I know the product.

I have a few names of factories in other countries. I am finally realizing that if I could find the location of Backpack manufacturers I could really get down to the nuts and bolts of how to make some backpacks to sell on my site. So for you listeners if you know of a backpack manufacturer in India, please tell me so I can maybe go visit. I say maybe because this country is huge. Not just easy to go across like Costa Rica or Smallish countries. This is like Brazil or Canada.


I suppose I could blame it on winter as it gets colder in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, but I am in the tropics. My nose is running, and I feel achy all over so I must have a cold and building up more anti-bodies. I probably have a really large selection after 50 plus countries.

I am getting adjusted to being bored, or at a slower pace. This is good for me. I needed a rest. I have received a few different emails about my mental status or what I talk about in this blog. Some are pragmatic and helpful on current problems like Chris telling me to use Pepper to make the Ants stay away. I received and email yesterday from Yvey. She like when I ramble on about “Motivations” or other pop psychological stuff. Dave is real helpful as is Chris on the idea of how to export - import custom made Hobo Backpacks and what country is good.

Justin wants me to find some topless India women, and thinks that if it is possible to do this and photograph that I am up to the task. My mother is concerned about my mental status and thinks I am in the boredom phase. She knows that this is probably more dangerous for me then the too active phase of my mindsets. One of my ex-girlfriends picked up on my diet and asks me if I was “Gordito.” Which means in Spanish “A little Fat.”

Lynn is helpful on all sorts of things and great for a booster shot of energy. I get sometime lots and sometime few emails. I have kept the angry hate mail emails to a minimum and this is good. When I started publishing them to the Internet people is not willing to stand by their anger open. They like to hide in dark places so that has pretty much solved that problem for now.

I like my regular writers. They help me to remember who I am and why, and what not. Some of you know me pretty well and can tell when I am up or down. That is interesting. It make me feel good when someone say, they can tell that I am happy or sad. A log to me is about being authentic. Rambling about what I think about and what I am doing. The experience in real terms and not edited. So that is what I do. Of course I am aware that in life it is easier to complain then to talk about the good. So I slow myself down on the complaints. But that is getting older and knowledgeable that life goes on and a good complaint does not do much good anyway. I am not here to change the world. I am here to travel the world. Enjoy life and help distribute some of them western dollars in the poor countries.

Thank you to all the people that read this blog or my newsletter for being my friend. Life is good.

I say this like a weapon. It is just very hard to be ungrateful when saying the phrase “Life is good.” It is a weapon against the naysayer of life.

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