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2003-11-21 23:36:00

I just got back from going to the market in Chaudi. I was confused for the longest time about the world Canacona. I now realize that is like the name of the county in this are of the State of Goa, and I have been going to the town of Chaudi. But I stay on the beach of Palolem.

I went to buy some more of these Anti-fungus pills. It is all gone, except some discoloration or maybe a little spot. But I think this type of thing goes into remission and then pops it head back up under certain conditions so I am going to keep treating it for about another month. I will continue to use the soaps and powders on a regular basis from now on as long as I travel. Plus I have some germ cleaning type cleaners. I will also wash my clothes in very hot water once per month. I almost have a tip put together on the whole cleaning and fungus problem.

The market is very nice and has lots of vegetable, spices, and trinkets. It has lots of people and colors. I met a guy from Switzerland in the market. He was walking by me and in my typical Indiana manner, I nodded my head, and said hello. He said,

“Hobo Andy.”

Nothing more, and I stopped and shook my head yes, and went into the why and how of why he said this. I guess he had seen a photo of me on one of them pages I have yet to change. He was great and told me about having turtles on Aganda beach. He invited me to come and visit and see the beach. I will for sure do this right away because I also want to photo the turtle nest they have on that beach, plus nice to hear some opinions from readers. He said he has been reading it since I went to Iraq, and replied once when I was thinking or asking whether I should go to Baghdad.


The electricity went off for almost the whole day yesterday. The electricity here goes off about 5-8 times a day. Not normally for very long, but it does go off a lot. This country reminds me very much of Mexico, with lots of the same problems. It goes off here about the same as Iraq.


I woke up early by the sound of growling or barking dogs outside my room. I needed to leave my room and go use the toilet. The dogs barking outside my room is not good. It could be many things, maybe a person walking around trying to steal things in the night or who know what. I decided to open my door and go for the toilet. Dogs are not totally predictable. I look just outside my door and there are 2 dogs. They are sort of standing and look about. I leave my room and walk to the toilet. Coming back they start to bark again, it is really annoying to have dogs sometimes around hotels. But as best I can tell the one dog is in heat and the other is tailing her around. The do not appear to fix the dogs here, I have heard about my friend Lori and a dog in front of their house barking all the night.