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This area of Goa called Palolem Beach has very tall and think Palms. The appear quite fragile because of the height and diameter of the trunk. Hurricane as best I understand are a North American type occurrence, but for sure any really hard winds could blow these tree over. The coconut cleaners are lax and I am sure a few people get hit by coconuts. What a way to go. I am making a joke. But I do look at the trees I am sitting underneath. I was in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico one time and coconut fell through the tile roof and dropped by my feet. Scared me too death and made me learn respect for the power of a dropping coconut. Did not help the roof either.


Always the big question in countries, can I drink the water? The answer will always be NO. Even if the water is safe. Because the rumor mill controls the habits of travelers and they follow the crowd.

But to be safe. It is always better to not drink the water in any country. I think that it is impossible to avoid water from the tap. They clean the food, you brush your teeth, they make ice, if you eat in a restaurant you will have normal tap water in your food. Especially if you eat the veggie type foods, salads, or non-cooked foods. I am meat eater, and eat cooked food or packaged foods. So I almost never have problems and I do normally drink the water.

I notice along the train tracks water fountains and signs saying the water was bacteria free. There is a water meter and a water line that enter the property I live at, so this morning I asked the owner about it. Is the water safe to drink? She said,

“Yes, you know hepatitis.”

They must want to stop hepatitis.

She said they put in Chlorine and filter water.

But is it safe?

I feel extremely safe using it for coffee water. Because I boil more or less the water. Best way to purify I know. Who knows if it is safe. The only way would be to test the water. But for now. I drink the water from the main at my house. I do not drink it in any other locations. People do not like to pay for water, so they make wells, or they use the well water from years ago still and this is definitely not clean. The runoff water is for sure contaminated with feces, urine, and household cleaners.

The sewer system is on top of the water table or very close. They are too commingled.